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  • Where I Belong
    275 7 13

    Alex Snyder is stuck between two worlds. They have to choose: Stay with their friends in their comfort place or save a life. . . This writing discusses potentially triggering topics, such as suicide and self-harm. One scene, in particular, depicts a character dying by suicide. I have chosen to present this scene for...

  • I Thought You Were Different: Part 6
    21.5K 1.8K 37

    It's ten years later, after Thanos destroyed their home and gave the team the reason to finally stop and disband the team. But now, their children are growing up and yearning to take their place. Between growing powers and the challenges of young adulthood, no one is sure who is suffering more; the kids or the paren...

  • I Thought You Were Different: Part 2
    170K 9.7K 37

    After the events of book 1, Steve and the reader are settling into a normal groove of married couple and teammates, but life takes an unexpected turn. But with growing tensions within the team and a division into one side against the other, loyalties are tested more than ever (Civil War references). Cover art by @avi...

  • Betrayed Soul of the Sea
    678K 15.9K 22

    I have been betrayed; thrown away like yesterday's news. My brother has done nothing yet my friends fawn over him like he has saved Olympus. Even Annabeth has betrayed me. Having no friends, I ran away...and I became the second most powerful person in the universe. I am the Commander of Chaos. I am Percy Jackson.

  • Percy Jackson The Wolf
    55.9K 1K 10

    Percy Jackson had a great life until his half brother Zack came then it all went pear shaped. He stole Percy `s girlfriend, best friends and father. Also he made Percy`s life hell making everyone hate him so Percy left but got bitten by a wolf the size is a horse with black fur and glowing silver eye's. What will hap...

  • Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and The Hunger Games Comedy Hour
    96.3K 3.5K 17

    The super crazy, super awesome, and super random sequel to A Game of Truth or Dare! Facebook chats, funny one-shots, and yes, Truth or Dare fans, a couple of games of truth or dare!!

  • Blast From The Past!
    4.3K 127 26

    When a girl from Cole's past comes back will she "rock" his world or will they both "tumble" under the pressure? (BTW: the pic has nothing to do with Ninjago I jest saw it on my phone and thought it reminded me of my OC!)

  • Lloyds Friend
    102 1 3

    When Lloyd's old friend came over Lloyd starts to wonder if she is still the same girl that he knew or will Lloyd think she has changed to much or will they have love for each other and date

  • Percy Jackson/Heroes Of Olympus Headcanons & One-Shots
    1.7M 39.8K 177

    Are you a PJO/HOO fangirl/fanboy/fanwhatever? Are you craving something deep and emotional? Are you so desperately wanting to read something just to make you swoon with fluffy fangirling? Well this is the book for you. These are a collection of headcanons and one-shots I wrote just to fulfill your guys' need for fluff...

  • Percy jackson: hero at camp loser at school
    558K 11.4K 24

    Percy Jackson. We all know him, the half blood who helped to destroy the Titan lord and Gaea. He's Annabeth Chase's boyfriend and the best sword fighter in 300 years. You would think nobody can touch this lovable doofus right? Wrong. Chiron forced Percy to back to high school and try and recruit new demigods without...

  • A New Life
    1.6K 26 4

    Annabeth has moved to New York. She attends Goode High School where she meets Percy and his friends.

  • Two Different Worlds, Two Heroes : Percy Jackson and Harry Potter [EDITING]
    1.2M 24.5K 35

    Two different worlds collide as Percy Jackson, demigod and Harry Potter, wizard comes face-to-face after having dreams about each other. They are both in the middle of a war and could just be each other's solution to saving the world. [Set in Harry Potter's fifth year and after the Olympian war in Percy Jackson, right...

  • The Avengers: The Coming of Revenge ~ DISCONTINUED
    147K 3.8K 19

    New York seems to be the place for lots of trouble. First there was the Titan War, won by the Greek demigods of Camp Half-Blood. Then there was the Battle of Manhattan, the legendary Avengers - Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff, and Clint Barton - against Loki. The Avengers won. Barely. Fi...

  • Harry Potter One Shots
    28.4K 863 17

    These are really bad because I wrote them when I was in middle school yikes... but I'm keeping them up for memories :) read at your own risk

    6.3K 124 23

    Kai,Zane,Cole,and Jay are off on another adventure!! Sensei has had a vision and they desperately need to go to the Rocky Mountains and find a sacred log cabin containing info about the green ninjas battle with lord Garmadon. What they find is shocking!! A cabin filled with Sensei's non known sister and her 3 female s...

  • Percy Jackson Headcannons
    4.1M 96K 215

    Percy Jackson Headcannons! All credit goes to the story inspiration, if there is no credit, it means they are my idea. Also, please note that most of these (over a hundred) were written before BoO came out- some events taking place are not entirely accurate but I didn't know what was actually going to happen in BoO...

  • Ninjas at New Bridge: Book 2 .:On Hold:.
    1.8K 85 10

    Five ninja....... four girls...... one school? The Five ninja of ninjago have turned back the clock and and are now going back to school. Read to find out why!!! {(*Book Two of the Series*)}

  • Five More Ninjas~Ninjago Love story ((REWRITING! ISH!))
    16.1K 412 32

    Try this on for size: Five ninjas find the ninjas of Ninjago. Thrust upon each other, some click quickly. Others need warming up... But the outcome? Well, you'll just have to see. Er, read. ((Be warned that the first few (many) chapters are especially cringe from young me. But I am proud of the story line, so I think...

  • Percy Jackson and the Avengers
    362K 9K 16

    When the love of his life is killed in the war against Gaea, Percy runs away and refuses to return to his normal demigod life. Unfortunately for him, Director Nick Fury decides that Percy is up for grabs, and he does everything in his power to recruit Percy . . . but he has to catch him first. If Percy ever falls into...

  • The After Effect- Percabeth- Percy Jackson
    2.5M 29.8K 45

    *** Some DIRTY! *** After the war with Gaea and the romance and effects of the war on the loving young couple. Includes a short summary at the beginning and the story of how Percy and Annabeth will overcome their struggles from past events with the help of many friends. A lot of love and includes Percabeth, Jiper, Leo...

  • The Demigod Avenger (Percy Jackson fan fic)
    114K 2.4K 20

    "Please Stark? Just track the boy down, surely someone of your talents can do that." Thor pleaded with Tony. The latter sighed, ever since the battle of Manhattan was over Thor had been trying to get him to track down this Perseus Jackson kid. Apparently the child was some type of Greek god or whatever. What h...

  • The Prophecies: A Harry Potter/ Percy Jackson Fan Fiction *Warning: SLOW UPDATES
    313K 7K 45

    "A world unheard of will collide with yours, prepare for earthquakes, fire, and storms. Enemies long ago forgotten will rise, to win the battle, forces must be combined." This prophecy pulled them together to fight an all out war together, but will they cooperate well enough to win? Follow all of your favorite charact...

  • The Silver Ninja (A Lego Ninjago fanfic)
    207K 5.5K 54

    Brielle Manders. She's just your average 22 year old girl with a small temper. She's also a gymnastics instructor who lives in a small apartment in Ninjago city with her roommate. Little did she know, on one lazy Saturday, that the arrival of four guys in ninja suits would change her life forever.

  • Wave- A Ninjago Fan Fiction
    38K 1.3K 28

    (OLD- THIS IS TERRIBLE DO NOT READ IT) Zane has been having nightmares lately, and although he tells himself that they are a simple malfunction, he know that they are not. When his nightmares begin to mirror real life, he and the other ninja must rush into another adventure to find that master of water as well as a cu...

  • The Hiden Sister! (Complete)
    28.4K 800 26

    What happens when the ninja 'find' a girl? How will she ruin there lives for ever? What happens when she finds out the most deadly secret of her family? ... What are you asking me for? You have to read the book!

  • Percy Jackson and the pirate Queen
    38.5K 1.3K 18

    Our favorite Son of poseidon, has recently, Unwilling joined a crew claimed to be manned by a mystery captain claiming to be the ruler of the seas. Follow as how hero faces challenges, defeats foes and fights with his trusty sword riptide.

  • Percabeth's Child: Children of Olympus Book #1
    1M 25.4K 29

    After peace is finally made between the Romans and Greeks, the seven demigods from the prophecy, plus Nico, are offered immortality. The Olympians have given them five months to show where there powers lie. But much more than that happens in those five months. Annabeth gets pregnant, Nico falls in love, and Leo comple...

  • Betrayed Children of Chaos (a Percy Jackson fanfic)
    391K 6.8K 19

    The lost children of Chaos were ridiculed, scorned, and feared. After being betrayed by those they trusted and called friends. Two brothers formerly known as Percy Jackson and Jason Grace and their sister Thalia Grace leave the land of the mortals and Olympian gods as they too have turned their backs to them. Except...