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  • church girl gone bad (chresanto love story)
    1.2K 39 4

    "chresanto what happened"excuse me"I sa- "I heard you I just caint believe you would call me by my real name the names roc got that"was all he said before he started walking down the hall that couldn't be my chresanto the chresanto I knew was saved and holy what ever happend to him oh god...what should I d...

  • Abuse,Sex,and Lies(A Mindless Behavior love story)
    629K 11.3K 17

    This is a story in which a girl named Lyric gets bullied by her used to best friends,and she doesn't know why they hurt her.Craig,Chresanto,Jacob,and Ray bully her,mostly sexually.Mostly Craig,though.Find out what happened when they were best friends;and learn how they slowly fix their friendships-or maybe even more t...

  • Finding Mr.Right ( MB BoyxBoy)
    123K 2.7K 20

    Prod: aye wassup y'all it prodigy. Ray: aye y'all its ya boi ray ray Prince: hey y'all it's yours truly Princeton Roc: aye wassup its Roc Royal Them: and we are.....Mindless Behavior! As you see thts us on camera but we DO have a life off camera too. But there's something the fans don't know and we don't know how to b...

  • Crooked Smile
    72.4K 1.7K 14

    Princeton. He has been in love with his bandmate ever since the day he first laid eyes on him. He didn't understand the feelings he got or why he got them. Thinking it was just a little crush and it would go away soon , he didn't think much of it , But ! Even after 4 years ! It hasn't left , it just grew ! He's tried...

  • the day we met mindless behavior
    1.1K 34 9

    Just four girls that never liked mindkess behavior but then what happens when they fall in love with each other

  • Mindless Behavior Sex Slave
    26.1K 173 1

    Welcome to our Mindless life. They sweet talk girls and get them to go on a date with them .Then take them to there compound and take all there anger out on us. So don't be fooled by the way they act. Or you'll be next

  • Hidden Faces
    9.4K 115 4

    Summary In this reality, Ray Ray has always been known to wear baggy jeans and forever covering up his body. This gave off the illusion that he had no self-confidence. Of course, that's incorrect he's got it in spades. Ray's been hiding a few secrets for the sake of his sanity and they all come to light when he brea...

  • Im Not Suppose to Love You The Way I Do ::~On Hold~::
    5.8K 17 12

    Before There Was Mindless Behavior, Before There Was Ray Ray Princeton Roc Royal and Prodigy, There Was Randy and Zarah. Zarahs Life Revolves Around Dancinq, and Her Bestfriend Randy. When Ray Ray and his Friends Decide They Want to Be part of The Music Career, Zarah Feels Left Behind By Randy. Not only that But She S...

  • To freaky enough for me (mindless behavior love story)
    1.2M 17.7K 38

    OK,this mindlessly story is about love,break ups,hook ups,& more,find out about speicals managements and events, throughout the story find out things thats a mystery ;)hope you enjoy it OH! And all the the people and fans 4 me read vote,and like i will 4 sure do those things to your story as well,PEACE ;)

  • Payback Is a Bitch (A Rock N Roll Soul Story Part I)
    638K 15K 35

    Alex had always been that shy, awkward girl no one payed attention to unless if it was to put her in harm's way, throughout her whole life she was bullied, abused by a certain group until after a certain incident makes her move away for nearly three years, after a while she decides to come back, but Alex is not the sa...

  • MB Imagines ( For Mindless Behavior Fans)
    89.2K 739 8

    Just got bored and wrote imagines for MB lovers

  • If this isn't love...♥ (1- The meeting)
    138 3 2

    Four happy friends go from being normal teens, to having devastating heartbreaks, depression, and sadness all because of love. Not just any type of love, but love from one of the world's most successful boy groups. These girls went through everything to meet these boys, but when they finally do... will they cause the...

  • IN LOVE WITH A STRANGER!!! MB Fan-fiction
    14.3K 459 42

    Ariana is a complete stranger to Jacob and Jacob is a complete stranger to Ariana....NOT FOR LONG!

  • My New Life (MB Love Story)
    4K 27 8

    Jackie & Jennifer the two sisters have been through a lot there father tried to rape them and there mother but he ended up killing there mother. Jackie & Jennifer is nothing alike but they still love eachother. Jackie struggles more than Jennifer do but Jackie hides her pain. But it all start when one day Jennifer get...

  • Sex Lies && Mindless Behavior
    2.5M 28.7K 35

    It's all Sex♀♂ Lies & Mindless Behavior ♥....

    Completed   Mature
  • Mindless Behavior sex story
    36.8K 379 7

    Freaky Mindless Behavior Imagines See ya!!! I take request just leave you name and the boy you like THANKS

  • Mindless Drama (A Princeton/Mindless Behavior Love Story)
    2.3K 23 7

    Ciara and her friends are big fans of Mindless Behavior. Well her friends are. Ciara thinks the boys are too cocky and are with a lot of groupies.When they go to a backstage Mindless Behavior concert she thinks they can be fun to be around. She starts to feel a way about Princeton but in reality she has a boyfriend...

  • Truth Or Dare [ Mindless Behavior Love Story ]
    2.2K 20 3

    In this story , yew will meet a girl who suffers from her bully who had a crush on her . As time went by , the group of friends decided tew play Truth Or Dare and the whole group decided tew give the two a dare question . what will it be . Vote .

  • The sex slave whos not gay MB BxB
    132K 1.9K 19

    Princeton is a sex slave and is not gay but prodigy roc royal and ray ray are

  • Ready For Love (A MB Fan Fiction)
    9.6K 144 30

    It all started with 4 young teen girls. They fall in love with a band known as Mindless Behavior without knowing they were in a band. The four girls already had troubled lives, it doubled once they became international superstars. Join them on their endless journey in Ready For Love (A MB Fan Fiction)