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  • The Shadow Awards | CLOSED |
    22.1K 1.8K 71

    Is your book hidden in the shadows of the underworld that is Wattpad? Never recognized for how hard you work, and can never earn a rank? Looking for an award that will showcase just HOW hard you worked on your book(s) while earning feedback, recognition and prizes? Well you've come to the right place! More Information...

  • The Tattoo Awards (Finished)
    10.1K 866 38

    Ranked #476 in Random 11/28/17||||The first Awards hosted by @Only_Awards, affiliation to @Twisted_Skulls. These awards are to help authors get recognition for the stories they've put so much time and effort into. Doesn't matter the reads or the votes, everyone has a chance at winning! Ranked #490 in Random 11/25/17 R...

  • Starlight Awards 💥
    1.7K 208 16

    Have few reads and votes in your book? Is the book awesome? Sign your book to Statlight awards for a chance to win!! Ranking - #165 in awards (31/05/2018)

  • The Perfect Awards [OPEN]
    20.1K 1.1K 16

    The Perfect Awards is for you! If you're discovered or undiscovered! Whether you have 100k reads or 75! The Perfect Awards is fair and just, we aim to provide the best stories with the recognition they deserve!

  • My Reviews and Reads
    1.6K 145 23

    ☆ Reviews posted every Tuesday and Thursday ☆ Open!! Where I review either books I really like or books you've requested me too.

  • Reviews & critiques (ON YOUR WHOLE BOOK & on hold)
    785 73 12

    So I'm very bored and need a list of books to read. I'm never in here reading for fun so expect me to try to do as much as I can..

  • The Glow Awards | 2017 | Judging Stage (No more entries)
    7.4K 658 44

    #ProjectSonorous Do you want your story to get recognised? Do you want your words to resonate? Do you want to glow? If you do, then you are at the right place! We are #ProjectSonorous, and we present to you... The Glow Awards!

  • The Masquerade Awards 2017-2018
    13.5K 1.1K 19

    [don't come in here] ❝Behind every mask, there's an author, and behind that a story.❞ Hello, and welcome to The Masquerade Awards 2017-2018! This is an award book for anyone who wants to share their story, regardless of the number of reads you have. So please, if you're interested, don't hesitate to join and fill out...