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  • Dancing with Depression
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    "The more I wanna be free, The tighter It wraps its arms around me." It's insane -- driving me mad -- pulling me down. It's been a damn year, still stuck inside, going round and round. Faithless: I'm becoming what I've feared of. Today wasn't a bad day -- the emptiness won't leave me. The storm may mess up all that's...

  • Jealousy - A Collection of Coliver Fanfiction
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    A collection of original stories!

  • SongZitate
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    Manchmal hört man ein Lied, oder nur eine Stelle, und man denkt: scheiße, das passt so sehr! ★ I'm married to the Music... (You Me AT Six) 🎶 Don't trust a Song that's flawless... (Twenty One Pilots) ★ Zitate mit Bild und Quellenangabe, ab und an auch ganze Songs, die ich empfehlen kann.

  • poetry
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    things i could never say out loud