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  • Screwdriver //JIKOOK (ONESHOT)
    7.6K 350 1

    "Hyung you're drunk...." "No iam shnot drunk Hihihi " A story wherein Jungkook and Jimin go to a party with friends but things take turn when Jimin mistakes a screwdriver for orange juice. What happens when Jungkook is left with a very drunk Jimin and horny Jimin who confesses his love for him..?!! Will they leave the...

  • Daddy Is Strict || Jikook
    388K 26.7K 67

    Where jungkook and jimin are married to each other, But they still cheat on each other with each other unknowingly. -Strict Husband -Top jungkook -taegi with a little bit of yoonseok [Was #4 in jikook THANK U]

  • Mythomania (Yandere Jimin × Reader)
    27.6K 1.7K 36

    She's the love of his life, the object of his affection. Too bad she doesn't know it yet. YN is a normal ARMY. She supports BTS and swoons over them like every other fangirl. But one Saturday morning her life changes forever when Park Jimin announces to the world he's in love . . . and with her, a girl he's never eve...

  • Jikook Smuts
    750K 9.9K 43

    A book full of Jikook smuts (All Credit to Original Owners) * Requests are open *

  • Dreamer | Jikook |
    290K 22.3K 87

    "There's some people who love...from afar..." Park Jimin, a highschooler and dancer who dreams big as he goes through his life in south korea. Jimin soon notices a new neighbor named Jeon Jungkook, a young smart and kind adult has just moved into the neighborhood. Jimin soon begins to befriend the kind strange...

    Completed   Mature
  • Melancholy | Jikook |
    266K 21.2K 76

    "I'll get you out of here.. only if you promise me we'll be together.." A nineteen-year old and dark brown haired young man named Jeon Jungkook loves spending his days at home playing video games all alone and nothing more. Due to his laziness, his father takes Jungkook to his job as a therapist in a Mental Asylum for...

    Completed   Mature
  • Factitious [Jikook] On-hold
    111K 6.7K 42

    You Agreed To Play My Tricky Game. You Signed The Contract Without Reading THEM. That you, PARK JIMIN willingly accept to be JEON JUNGKOOK property! © ---jikookhoe95

  • Dark and Wild~Jikook
    81K 4K 17

    Having a miserable high school life was not what Jimin had in mind. He planned to stay away from any trouble but destiny had something else installed for him. Jungkook's never been interested in anyone in any sort of way but with the new kid, he just couldn't stop messing with him. Jikook Fanfic; first ff Bottom Jim...

    49.3K 1.9K 20

    "...How would you like to create your own human...?" She watched with glistening eyes as he turned the 'lust and affection' valves all the way up...

    Completed   Mature
  • dearest of lust | jikook
    8.6K 306 9

    where jimin is a famous stripper and jungkook just a normal teen

  • jikook Little Space Scenarios
    125K 3.9K 41

    Warning⚠!: contains adult thingy🔞 dont report me because i already warned u

  • baby boy | jikook
    24.2K 536 11

    Jungkook nasty but Jimin nastier

    79.4K 4.3K 12

    "Tell me, Jimin, do you have a crush on me?" "W-what? What did you say?" "Nothing. I just said you're cute... But you're totally deaf." "W-what the hell... I should really avoid boys like you." - Jimin's sister has a huge crush on one of the campus' bad boys, Jeon Ju...

  • babyboy
    29.1K 1K 16

    a jikook fanfic jimin is fem in this and jungkook is dom there will be smut this is my first jikook fanfic

    55.6K 1.9K 21

    ❝ we didn't know how we got so lucky to have you by our side .❞ ❝ you make life seem beautiful , babyboy❞ VminKook :) ©THE95s

  • ʏᴇs, ᴍᴀsᴛᴇʀs... // VMinKook
    83K 3.2K 22

    "Remember what happens if you're a naughty boy to one of us." "Yes. I'm sorry I did wrong. Punish me." ||VMinKook Story|| •⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐•⭐• Started: 1.27.18 Ended: ---

  • Strawberry | Jikook Omegaverse AU [DISCONTINUED]
    6.6K 280 15

    Jimin, Jungkook and Taehyung are childhood best friends. They do almost everything together, tell each other everything, help each other. Jungkook and Taehyung are adopted brothers, but act like best friends. Taehyung and Jimin can tell each other everything. Jungkook and Jimin are inseparable. But, Jimin's dad f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jester | Jikook |
    328K 26.3K 74

    "Your job is to make me laugh..not to fall in love.." Jeon Jungkook is a young, tall and handsome black haired king that rules over his palace alone. Because of this, he barely smiles and only keeps a straight face. One day the King's adviser brings in a circus to make the young man smile, but this only lead to Jungko...

    Completed   Mature
  • Serenity | Jikook |
    224K 19.5K 110

    [ Alpha and Omega A.U ] -SEQUEL TO "Behind Curtains |Jikook|" "Before you go, give me a kiss... and make it last forever.." After many years of being together, Jeon Jungkook and Park Jimin finally brought their first born pup home. However, parenthood wasn't as easy as the two of it thought it would be. Along the way...

    Completed   Mature
  • Behind Curtains | Jikook |
    832K 67K 127

    [ Alpha and Omega A.U ] "Even if this was all play pretend... will you still love me the same way?" Jeon Jungkook is a young Twenty-One year old Alpha that works as an actor in theater and movies. However, this Alpha is a tall and spoiled brown-haired young man who is loved by every Omega and Betas yet, he wants nothi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Monochrome | Jikook
    45.3K 2.6K 21

    Jimin was really planning to sneak into the Jeon's residence solely to collect some information for his investigative report, but who knows when he was caught by the owner of the house and since then, he was unwilling to let Jimin go. . . . . Characters: Jimin, Jungkook Ships: Jikook Genre: Romance, Comedy, Fluff, An...

  • Painful Love- A Jikook Fanfic
    328K 14.4K 66

    In which both Park Jimin, a 20 year old and Jeon Jungkook, a 22 year old are forced to get married because of their parents. Jimin starts to fall in love with Jungkook but what he didn't expect that Jungkook was already in love with someone else and had a girlfriend. WARNINGS!! -Gay marriage & stuff -Mpreg -Marital ab...

    Completed   Mature
    45.5K 4K 34

    An enthusiastic, innocent boy finds himself thrilled to start college and join the renowned dance club, but soon realises that the odds are against his favour when he makes an enemy, who just happens to be the captain of the dance team. jiminsecret ©

  • Daddy (Jikook smut)
    497K 12.9K 70

    Babyboy Jungkook loves his daddy Jimin with all his heart 💜 This is their story of being together ⭐️ //smut warning// Kinky warning// Mpreg warning// [Jimin top / Jungkook bottom] ❗️ DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T READ IT ‼️

  • Teach Me || Jikook [completed]
    41.9K 4.8K 58

    ⚪In which Jungkook is all needy for his teacher's cock. Warning🔞: °smut °daddy kink °masochism kink °mature language 🔴Greek FanFiction?🔴 ↗Highest Rank: #1 in FanFiction (20/02/18) ➡do not copy without my permission⬅

    Completed   Mature
  • Completely Incomplete (Jikook au)
    106K 4.4K 25

    Rich, Good boy Jungkook, never broke the rules, never slept with anyone, doesn't drink unless it's a special occasion and spends his free time volunteering. All he wants is to be able to care for people and look after them. He never thought that would be how he found his one true love however. Will update the warnin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Childish | Jikook |
    185K 7.1K 31

    Jeon Jungkook has learned the hard way, that being a daddy isn't easy. Especially when his boyfriend doesn't even know what ddlb is. Highest ranking: 980 in fan fiction.

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling for Jeon Jungkook | BTS Jungkook
    1.1M 24.9K 18

    *cover created by biaswrecker_tae*

  • Falling For The Jerk [[COMPLETED Jungkook FanFic]]
    5.8M 153K 44

    Jung EunMi lives a life with an annoying freak, Jeon Jungkook. EunMi hates Jungkook, and Jungkook hates EunMi. A love-hate relationship. Read to find out what happens. I know this doesn't sound so interesting because I don't know what to write to make you people interested, sorry. ★Please do not plagiarize★ ☆Th...

  • bite me; vminkook
    120K 7.4K 31

    "I-I'm not an omega!" He clattered, his whole body shuddering. "I don't know why you keep saying that.." His eyes lidded over until they were shut tightly. - Kim Taehyung, an alpha who hates omegas, is suddenly dipped head first into helping Jimin, an omega who swears he's a beta, when the naive boy goes into his firs...

    Completed   Mature