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  • Wrong Number// $crim (Unedited)
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    One new message from Unknown

  • Riverdale Gif Imagines
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    Imagines based on gifs from the American teen drama TV series Riverdale.

  • KJ Apa Imagines
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    imagines, preferences, and Instagram posts about the cutest redhead in all of existence😻

  • vlog squad preferences
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    vlog squad preferences and imagines includes: - david dobrik - scotty sire - toddy smith - alex ernst - highest ranks: #1 in vlog squad #1 in alex ernst #5 in youtuber

    Completed   Mature
  • Archie Andrews / Kj Apa Imagines
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    all things kj and archie •writing a new part when i reach 5000 votes! •please vote!

  • Vlog Squad Stuff
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    These preferences include- Alex Ernst~ David Dobrik~Scotty Sire~Toddy Smith

  • Instagram// miles heizer
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    I dont know lmao

  • David Dobrik and Vlog cast preferences
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    I'm only doing David, Alex, Tod, and Heath

  • Logic Quotes
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    Bobby lyrics and speeches from songs to interview to snapchat, to tour..... #bobbysoxers #rattpack #youngsinatra Peace✌️, Love❤️, & positivity➕

  • 13 Reasons Why Preferences
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    Just Preferences about you or: • Clay Jensen • Jeff Atkins (Who deserved better) •Tony Padilla • Alex Standall • Justin Foley • Zach Dempsey 👌 • Or any boy from 13rw just request and I'll add them 😉 • Not gonna do Bryce Walker. Sorry not sorry Posting on Instagram about y'all and preferences 😉

  • Brandon Flynn// Justin Foley Imagines ❣️ ( & other 13 Reasons Why characters)
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    Imagines mostly on Brandon Flynn//Justin Foley, but requests can be made

  • instagram ; alex standall
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    she's montgomery de la cruz's little sister and alex has a thing for her.

  • 13 reasons why imagines/ preferences
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    I don't know i am feeling inspired

  • Alex Standall/Miles Heizer imagines
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    Imagines about Alex Standall and the person who plays the character Miles Heizer. Hope you enjoy!

  • alex standall (Miles Heizer)
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    Fan book hoes. I try to update frequently but im bad at updating so yeah

  • 13 Reasons Why
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    just a load of shitty imagines :)

  • The 1975 Imagines
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    THANK YOU FOR 60k READS xxx I've worked so hard in this book and it's been through a lot. I'm so happy to be back and i'm always open to hearing requests and suggestions. thank you so much and enjoy these works about the best band in the world xxx

  • it imagines
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    title says it all *prefs too* - requests are open.

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    imagines for some of my favorite people and characters!!

  • Jack and Finn Imagines// Anyone Preferences
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    The title says it all. Open for request on different people. No names all the stories use Y/N. // Now just added preferences and they could be about ANYONE, enjoy!!!

  • Stranger Things & IT x Reader Oneshots
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    I decided to make this for all the Stranger Things and It fans including myself! I only do x readers, so DON'T REQUEST MILEVEN, BYLER, OR REDDIE OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT. I don't ship that stuff, so it'll be uncomfortable to write about. I'll respect your ships, so respect that I don't ship it, alright? And we won't have...

  • ~ Welcome To My Madhouse ~ Finn Wolfhard X Reader
    336K 9.2K 40

    Finn Wolfhard was always known for being... A bit bizarre, but who would've guess he was going to go on killing spree all throughout Athens, Georgia? No one. After years and years of constant mental and physical abuse given by her mother and father, Y/n snaps... She becomes fed up, and ready to do anything and everyth...

  • Finn Wolfhard x reader: Forever
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    You a a girl who loves to sing and when your dreams come true as a your dream job, you become more popular. A year later, directors want you in tv shows and movies. You meet your idol while doing a movie. Does he like you back?

  • butterflies || finn wolfhard x reader
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    "i'm not going anywhere."

  • fuckboys || f.w
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    finn wolfhard - fuckboys in which Finn and his group of friends fuck around the city, and you catch Finn's eye and become "benificial" to each other. "Say it's meaningless if you want, but passionate sex isn't just something to brush under the carpet, Wolfhard" [BASED ON WHEN THEY ARE OLDER- 17-18]

  • Finn Wolfhard x Reader ( one shots )
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    [COMPLETED] sum short stories about you and Finn. sis made this story a long time ago so you could say its pretty cringey. (originally started and ended 2017 ) (also fixed some stuff)

  • More Than Neighbors {Finn Wolfhard X Reader}
    167K 3.9K 40

    "I don't care if you think I shouldn't be.. But I will always regret leaving you.. without saying goodbye." Sequel to The Ellen Show❤️

  • Don't Listen to Them - Finn Wolfhard x Reader
    4.5K 88 37

    Finn Wolfhard x Reader It's kind of a cliche... well, welcome to my reading preference. *shrugs* You're just an ordinary girl who goes to and ordinary school in an (as ordinary as it gets) town. Everything is normal for you until he shows up. Finn Wolfhard. He makes your world crash down on you, but he picks you back...