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  • Pregnant ; Sammy Wilk
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    pregnant with Sammy Wilk's child wasn't easy, & telling Sammy 2 years later that he has a kid was even harder. @doopewilk

  • *'*Drug Princess*'* n.m.
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    "Weed? Wow Ms. Hampton, didn't know you played that game." "Save it Maloley, you know who my dad is." "How could I forget, you're THE Carter Hampton, the drug lords princess." n.m.

  • Squad Shit ;; N.M
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    "you really think I loved you Sierra? I did this for the money, and I don't feel sorry for your ass either"

  • Weed | n.m
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    He needed the weed ; she was the seller

  • Fucking gilinsky
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    As I wrapped my legs around him, he lifts me up gently and pushes me against the desk, our lips never detaching. I feel a slight bulge deepen into my thigh and I grin. He's already getting hard. I couldn't believe my eyes. I got to finally fuck my stepbrother.

  • tutor + j.g
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    "You know I can make you feel better yet you go to him." "I know", I say weakly. Every inch of my body simply belonged to him, for it craved his touch. He steps closer to me. "Can I kiss you?" He leans in slightly, trapping me into his wraths. I gulp, "No." Our lips collide and I feel myself loving it more than I sho...

  • The dallas sister(Sammy wilkinson)
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    This is going to be a sammy wilkinson fanfic so please enjoy!

  • Road Trip♕ - N.Maloley {ON HOLD}
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    "care to take a road trip with me?" "your my best friends brother. isn't that a little strange?" "im here, your here. why not?" "but I hardly know you." "c'mon baby girl, we both know I'm no stranger."

  • The Older Man (A Skate Maloley Fanfic)
    37.2K 856 10

    Alex Beckham is a 14 year old girl. She's a cheerleader and a dancer. She absolutely adores and wants to marry the famous Skate Maloley even though he's 21. She knows that they'll never probably never meet. But one day when she accidentally bumps into the Skate Maloley everything changes. See what happens in this com...

  • Sammy's sister
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  • Her: A Sam Wilkinson Fanfiction
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    Sam Wilkinson goes on tour with Andrea Russett, Kenny Holland, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Rickey Thompson, Jake Foushee, Brent Rivera, Nate Maloley, and Trevor Moran. Soon he meets Adalee Russett, Andrea Russett's younger sister, and immediately feels a connection. Sam and Adalee deny their feelings for each other b...

  • Whole (a Sam Wilkinson / Sammy Wilk fanfic)
    403K 6.1K 46

    Sophie is a 17 year old girl who has been dealt more cards than she could ever handle. She can remember dates as if they happened yesterday, and has a peculiar vibe she gives to everyone that attracts them to her. She doesn't remember and or learn anything she finds that isn't necessary to her existence, one of these...

  • Tension || Sammy Wilk.
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    I'm a little rusty, so bare with me here. Enjoy.

  • Too good for you [ sammy wilk fanfic ]
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    Alex is 16 years old and lives in Omaha. She's good in school, get great grades and is nice to everyone. At home she only study. Her parents died years ago, only when Alex was 8 years old. Shes living with her always drunk uncle. Alex get bullied on school by the "popular people" But she have one big secret that she'...

  • Nate Maloley's Little Sister• s.w.
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    "you are just another fuckboy," i rolled my eyes,"and i despise them." *SLOW UPDATES*

  • Nate Maloley Little sister
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    Brianna Maloley is Nate Maloley Little sister and Nate adds her to a group chat with some of the boys.

    96.9K 1.4K 20

    Months after Sadie's older twin brother Jack died; she finds her self running back to face her demons unwillingly. Hiding from her past and her future Sadie starts to realize she cant protect her friends and people she cares most about when an unwanted old friend returns. But can the introduction of a new "rock" chan...

  • Fifty Shades of Taylor Caniff
    41.5K 490 22

    Samantha and Ashton have been friends for five years now...& Samantha's aunt is best friends with Taylor Caniff's mom.. Samantha and Taylor are best friends and have decided to hang out for a couple months and each person was going to bring one friend, so Taylor chose Matthew Espinosa and Samantha, of course chose her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Daddy //j.g
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    but daddy, i'm a princess Copy Right© 2016 to -tragicvirgin on Wattpad

    Completed   Mature
  • Our Love;S.W
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    Hannah Russet sister of Andrea Russet is going to Omaho,Nebraka she is going to have best moments in her life and the worst!

  • Nate Maloley (N.M)
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    "Love only happens in dreams" "That's not what I thought when I saw you"

  • Blankets♕ - S.Wilkinson {ON HOLD}
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    "i can feel her breath as she's sleeping next to me, sharing blankets and cold feet"

  • 18 + maloley ( on hold )
    13.6K 341 4

    in which an older boy meets a high school girl at a record shop, and they kick it off well until he find out she's underage. she tries her hardest to get his attention but he won't give her the time of day until she turns 18. ⠀⠀⠀⠀story idea from ; @guhlinskiii

  • Late (N.M)
    44.9K 684 9

    3 years ago Ainsley Wilson got pregnant with Nate Maloley's baby, right before he went on tour, but he never knew. What happens when Ainsley and her baby, Jaxx, run into Nate and his friends at the park. He to be in her life,but he might be a little too Late.

  • Roommate|| n.m.
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    "your the roommate?"

  • The Maid (N.M)
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    "Sir is there anything I can assist you with" "Yes you do" In which a a rich kid falls in love with his maid

  • Baddies\ s.w
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    "I love you more than a friend"

  • 11:11 {J.G}
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    Day One Time:11:11 Hey Jack it's 11:11 and I know you left but I still miss you ~Taya

  • protective | s.w.
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    protective- /prəˈtektiv/ having or showing a strong wish to keep someone or something safe from harm. • contains sexual content and other adult themes such as use of alcohol and other drugs

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