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  • Paper Stacks(COMPLETED)(Sanscest × The Office)
    94.5K 4.4K 52

    (This story is a crossover of the many UnderTale AU's and a show called The Office U.S on Netflix. I don't own any of the AUs except for AtomicTale, I don't own The Office, and I don't own UnderTale either) Ah, an office. A paper supply office. You'd think working there would be boring, quiet, but it isn't exactly lik...

  • Nekos (an Undertale sanscest story)
    89.3K 3.9K 22

    Dear, Nightmare, Cross, Error, Dust, Horror, Killer, Lust, Reaper, Geno, Ink, Dream, Blue Hey guys, It's me...Sci, So uh, I've just discovered something really cool. And I mean like, really cool. I was wandering if ALL of you could come down to my lab this afternoon so I can show you this thing. I promise you'll love...

  • Dear Diary, ~Poth~
    24K 1K 16

    Goth always had a crush on Palette, in fact... He has a diary! Goth thinks that Palette will only see him as a friend, so he did this. Every single day, he wrote in his diary, so every time he saw Palette, he wrote a poem, memory, dream, ANYTHING! Goth doesn't wanna ruin his relationship with Palette, so he kept if se...

  • Friend Zoned (Goth x Palette)
    29K 975 27

    (Goth x palette) Palette keeps friend zoning goth... I'm sorry, I'm cringe

  • Poth Mini stories(Discontinued)
    12K 385 51

    This book has been discontinued. Reason: regretful sories. Other reason: starting a new book I'm taking story ideas BTW! so comment all ye want! Anyways This will contain Sadness and feels. Kawaiiness Jealousy Don't hate me. but, no fell poth. Sorry! ;-; Anger? Depression Acts of self harm and sucide. Maybe sin Hana...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sanscest One-Shots
    77.3K 1.5K 17

    Just a bunch of Sanscest one-shots for you narcissistic self shippers.

  • Not So Bonely (sans x reader )
    104K 2.2K 52

    a sans x reader are you happy Erin?! well enjoy this is the first x reader im making so don't judge me! ps don't one the art im so so sorry for the people who one the art