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  • not what he seems//gravity falls mabill ship
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    "Dipper! Save mE!!" unfortunately, Mabel's pleas for help were unheard. She turned and glared at the smirking figure in front of her. Bill Cipher. She was shocked for a moment as she took in the new look of Bill. Not in the triangle man form, but as a human. To be honest, Mabel thought to herself, he looks quite hot...

  • You & I (Bakugou x Uraraka)
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    I shouldn't have walked away. I'm a fucking idiot. I throw my fist at the wall beside my dorms door, it leaves a hole that almost goes straight through the other side of the wall. Why do I have to feel like this? It's a waste of fucking time. Why do people waste their time with relationships and love? It's all just bu...