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  • My secret, Your voice
    59.3K 1.5K 14

    Bakugou Katsuki, the Alpha. He was a famous Artist. One day, he meet with Midoriya Izuku, the omega and he fall in love with him. Their live was perfect. Then, suddenly Izuku left Katsuki without a words.

  • Oh Boy. »Joshler«
    129K 4.5K 46

    "Gender is more than just the genitals your born with." °° In which Tyler gets kicked out for coming out as transgender and his loving best friend Josh is the only one who's there for him. Summary: A party. A mishab. A pregnant guy. (Joshler AU)

  • The secret of a paladin complete (✔️)
    97.3K 3K 51

    "Hey Lance, you left your helmet back there so I wanted to-" Keith stopped in his tracks as he saw Lance. Lance just froze upon seeing him. Keith felt his face heat up. He was pretty sure it was entirely red. Hopefully he was wearing this right cause if he was, Lance McClain had boobs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So I was hoping t...

  • Missed Call | Jikook smut |
    961K 55.5K 89

    "The only cries I want to hear is... your sweet moans begging for more..." Park Jimin is a gay-curious Twenty-three year old barber who works in a barber shop in his hometown district, Busan. Jimin still lives with his parents due to how overprotective they've become and questions his sexuality time to time. However...

    Completed   Mature
  • TodoBaku, Destiny
    166K 3.6K 23

    This is an Omegaverse Todoroki Shouto x Bakugou Katsuki yaoi fanfic. For those who are unaware, yaoi is a boy x boy story and this one will include sexual interactions. (Also, credit to the artist who drew the cover.) Omegaverse is a community built up by 3 types of humans; Alpha, Beta & Omega. That means, male Omge...