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  • Frases para mejores amigas
    113K 3.7K 33

  • The Love Song Project |Completed|
    22.1K 575 40

    When Mr. Finn assigns a project for the class to perform a love song for someone they love for the class, It sparks feelings among classmates. Tomika and Zack especially. Will new relationships form or will they become broken records? Read to find out. Zamika Fremmer and Lesme.

  • La Chica De Los Libros [Nina+Nico]
    873 57 6

    La castaña era una chica misteriosa, lo unico que hacia en ese lugar era leer y nada mas. No pensaba que tomara un gran secreto. La apodan "la chica de los libros", Nadie la conocia y rodeaban fuertes rumores sobre ella. [Leer con fondo negro]

  • The girl he never noticed
    16.1K 318 12

    Summer is in love with Freddy but he deosnt notice her then she loses felleings for Freddy she was tried of waiting on some that will never notice he.....then Freddy starts to have felleings for summer but she deosnt like him anymore what will he do....

  • Andi and Jonah
    3.1K 37 8

    Andi has a crush on Jonah, and Jonah also has a crush on Andi! What will happen between them? Will Jonah break up with Amber for andi or no?

  • I Would Like {HIATUS}
    55.9K 1.7K 28

    "How would you feel, honestly. Say it was time for you to pour your feelings out, only to find out that the person you were going to be honest with--will ruin your heart by choosing someone else?" she asked. "I wouldn't like that." In friendships, honesty is key. In relationships, you let it out before someone els...

  • Fremmer... It's Complicated ✔️
    17.2K 387 28

    One graduation party. One last gig. One last chance for feelings to be revealed. School of Rock is ready for graduation in my first book. Are you ready to rock?

    17.9K 635 24

    [COMPLETED] 4 years after Summer confessed her feelings for Freddy, she became another person and leaves Freddy. When the two are paired up for a class project, things change. What will Freddy do when he realizes he lost her? Will he get her back? Warning: This was my first book so don't judge, it's cringey! December...

    Completed   Mature
  • Love is in the air ✔️
    60.2K 1.2K 35

    Hi! My name is Freddy Huerta, and I'm 13 years old. I'll tell you a story, about how I started liking my best friend. If you thought about Summer Hathaway, congratulations! You got it right. It all started last week, when I was trying to get an invite to one of those annual lacrosse parties.

  • Jicardo: Falling For My Co-Star [under editing]
    32.1K 901 21

    When Ricardo finally realises that he likes his co-star Jade, he starts to show his feelings for her. But unfortunately, oblivious Jade takes all those signs as friendly gestures. Little did Ricardo know that Jade was head over heels for him. (Own nothing but the plot?)

  • we will always be together fremmer/zamika sor story #2 Schoolofrock
    16.3K 334 25

    Freddy hureta is a f*ck boy. He adorded all the attention he gets from the girls. All except for one summer Hathaway. He never liked her she was always weird and creppy around him. Untill one day she changed and stop having feelings. And started being normal. and he started to catch feelings, will he be able to get he...

  • More Then Friends
    11.2K 268 28

    Summer has had the biggest crush on Freddy. But he's always thought of her as a friend. What happens when Freddy's girlfriend moves away? Will he realize how amazing Summer is before another guy beats him to it?

    7.4K 209 20

    Jade loves Rico and Rico loves Jade.But they are best friends and niether one of them is brave enough to conffes their fellings.Will they be together?

  • Finding The Killer
    1.3K 106 16

    Would you dare to find the killer who killed you other friends? These 16 teens do, someone will fallow them.

  • School of Rock: Instagram Story *On Hold*
    18.9K 390 28

    What happens when the school of rock characters have an Instagram? Well you'll just have to read this book to find out. This is my first book like this the mature warning is on just in case. ~ ~ ~ (Sorry I know I suck at descriptions) ~ ~ ~ I do not own school of rock or any of the characters from school of rock. I on...

  • Forever Falling
    9.2K 187 33

    Summer Hathaway has always liked Freddy Huerta, but what happens when she starts to fall away from the band and school, can Freddy get her back to normal without growing feelings for her?

  • Book Covers *CERRADO*
    2.4K 265 60

    Se que no soy la mejor en esto, pero.. Si no sabes como hacer una portada, no tienes las apps necesarias o no tienes ganas de hacerlo.. Llegaste al lugar CORRECTO! Puedo poner la persona o personaje que TU QUIERAS! Hasta a ti si me envias una foto! LITERAL!

  • ~Me Equivoqué~
    11.1K 667 51

    (Temporada 1 y 2) Karol , Carolina y Valentina : son hermanastras ya que el sr.Zenere (su padre) estuvo con 3 mujeres al mísmo tiempo ( razón por la cual , las llaman bastardas ) , hicieron una promesa en la que decian que jamás se enamorarian debido a que les rompieron el corazón. ¿que pasaria si se reencuetran con...

  • Maybe its you | jicardo ( sorry)
    3.6K 58 11

    When they kissed in the season final...they both felt a spark that they never felt before... Will jade and Rico fall inlove ⚠️WARNING⚠️ I guess theres some adult themes if ya know what i mean 😏😉 but not to intense And dont worry ill warn you (Just a heads up my writing might be bad) All characters featured in this...

  • VONDY una historia sin fin
    17.6K 1.2K 49

    novela acerca de el famoso y hermoso amor entre roberta y diego de la serie RBD aqui narro una historia que de un momento a otro pueden pasar sucesos tan inesperados que nadie podra imaginar que rumbo va a dar la historia esto es creado por mi espero que les guste

    3.1K 80 14

    A crossover between School of rock, Henry Danger and Game shakers, What will happen?

    Completed   Mature
  • Babe +Huson=Budson Love story
    2.1K 13 20

    They have feelings and love each other will love or hate or even die will they love or not

  • The girl who changed us [SLOW UPDATES]
    5.4K 184 9

    Summer Hathaway the school's new girl is also the mayor's daughter. Who has a bad reputation of the bad girl. Transfers to one of the best private schools in austin. William Travis Prep. Where she meets the band called school of Rock. Will they change her reputation or make it worse.

  • I notice your problem (A Bal story)
    31.8K 1.2K 35

    Even after saving auradon from her wicked mother many students still didn't believe that the villian kids should stay but the girls hated how she stole the king from them and decided to teach her a leason on how to keep her a way.and by the way I do not own descendants characters or the pictures I used in the book s...

  • Be Careful What You Wish For- Descendants/Into The Woods
    3.4K 140 23

    A baker, best known as Mal, was cursed. Cursed so that she'd never get magic. She wanted to use magic to help her be a well-known artist. She wished to have it, not struggle with money, and to one day meet her long-lost father. Evie lives with her stepmother and stepsisters but was treated more of a servant than a sis...

  • Memories of Love: A Nickelodeon Fanfiction
    32.7K 845 20

    Henry Danger/Game Shakers/School of Rock/ NRDD crossover K-Kenzie B-Babe T-Triple G/Trip H- Hudson D-Double G/Dub He-Henry/Kid Danger C-Charlotte R-Ray/Captain Man J-Jasper To-Tomika S-Summer L-Lawrence Z-Zack F-Freddy M-Mr. Finn N-Nicky Ri-Ricky Di-Dicky Da-Dawn Extras: Sc- Scott C1-Coder 1 C2-Coder 2 B-Bunny R-Rut...

  • Please Notice Me
    16K 506 17

    *TRIGGER WARNING* CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, MATURE SCENES, SELF-HARM, ETC. "Why is it that every time I look in the mirror I see a piece of trash? I see someone who is: Scared. Ugly. Meaningless. A Moron. Empty. Retarded. Me, Summer." School Of Rock Fanfic (SummerxFreddy) ___________________________________...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nick Teen Clash
    11.2K 356 9

    Cree and her family just move in to L.A. She thought that on her first day being a new kid in her new school, Nickelodeon University, is typical. Until she met the girls and found out that they are in a band which is really cool. Meanwhile, Thomas and the boys doesn't like the girls, but it doesn't mean they hated eac...

  • Be Mine and I'm Yours
    2.1K 59 12

    Another SOR Book y'all known how it is ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Heartbroken
    4.1K 136 14

    After the death of her mother and brother Summer stopped being her happy cheery self. To make matters worse her boyfriend had cheated on her and all her friends betrayed her. Her father worried constantly and tried to make her smile but it seemed impossible. She had stopped talking and began harming herself.... They d...