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  • tips // yoonmin
    1.9M 132K 129

    regular customer jimin leaves waiter yoongi tips with the bill, but not in the form of money. __________________________ started: april 18th 2017 finished: august 2nd 2017 {ranked at #27 in fan fiction}

  • Private Show || YoonMin
    477K 21.5K 25

    Yoongi is a famous rapper who hires Jimin, a high end stripper, to dance for him. They told each other it was going to be a one-night stand but desire was much stronger than that. Cover by SPICYMOCHI ? cr: to a tweet on twitter lmao

  • adore ⚣ yoonmin
    459K 31.1K 41

    another one of those fics where yoongi is a famous rapper and jimin is a fanboy ♡

  • | Curiosity || Yoonmin |
    24.5K 1.7K 43

    "Who are you?" "I'm just...someone you forgot..." They say curiosity killed the cat, but for Jimin that isn't an option, in a treacherous car crash, he loses his memory of the stranger who saved him from it, driving his curiosity to know more.

    Completed   Mature
  • Porcelain -- yoonmin
    63.1K 2.9K 15

    -- "skin so pure, so smooth, so fragile, like porcelain.." -- "Please don't break me." "Why would I break my favorite toy?" WARNING:: If you do not like boyxboy, do not read!! If you do not like angsty stories, do not read!! You have been warned!!

  • no time. | yoonmin
    99.5K 8K 15

    Jimin and Yoongi's adventures are just beginning. Sequel to time's up.

  • Underwear Thief || YoonMin
    364K 25.4K 21

    In which Jimin gets caught stealing Yoongi's underwear and swears "It's not what it looks like." ....But it definitely is. *** Cover by the lovely: @Sincerelytop

    Completed   Mature
  • 5 Years Later || yoonmin short story
    82.6K 3.4K 15

    Will everything be the same 5 years later? | all rights reserved by -fangailx copyright © 2015

  • kpop and chill → yoonmin
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    "So... can we listen to more of that Chinese music?" "It's Korean, Jesus fucking Christ." started ; december sixth, 2015 finished ; february twenty second, 2016 161010 - 100k reads

    Completed   Mature