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  • The Audition
    83 8 1

    This is a non-fiction short story that got into the top 10 in the #TNTWillContest! If you've ever been through an audition process, you'll know the feeling ;)

  • Practice Makes You Better (TNT Will Submission)
    14 2 1

    A story of me struggling with an instrument loved with my all. Off topic, the show Will on TNT is fabulous. I also have an unhealthy obsession with William Shakespeare himself and all of his works so finding out about the show, I definitely was excited for it.

  • Success - #TNTWillContest
    14 4 1

    A short story about the time I did something I didn't think I could. This story made it into the top ten for the contest! Thanks so much TNT!

  • The Day She Went Wild
    110 6 1

    |COMPLETE| TNT WILL CONTEST TOP 10 I'll never forget the day that chaos made its fiery descent, bursting with an explosion of crackle and pop before engulfing my world in flames. © 2017 JALISSA PASTORIUS ALL RIGHTS RESERVED #4 tntwillcontest

  • And Yet, I Overcame
    42 7 1

    Everyone has had to overcome an obstacle. Many of them were told by people outside of themselves that they couldn't do it, that they should just give up. Once, one of those obstacles stood in my way, and the people telling me I couldn't do it were the voices in my head.

  • The Voice From Within|| #TNTWillContest
    46 4 1

    This is a real life moment where I was "against all odds" and made it through strong.

  • A Particularly Singular Attribute
    75 7 1

    How I turned my birth defect of a loss of hearing into an empire devoted to kids just like me.

  • Wreck Written In The Stars
    158 8 1

    A short story of the struggles of a teenage girl in modern day society.