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  • Don't Leave Me
    910 89 1

    Jimin can see ghosts but that's only ever brought him trouble and so he pretends he can't. But then he meets a ghost who figures out that Jimin can see them, and the ghost becomes attached. How will Jimin get rid of him, or will he even want to as time goes on? ☆vmin ☆oneshot ☆completed ☆ Contests Won: ♤ The Blue Rose...

  • "It's College. It's Our Time to Explore."
    399 18 1

    Taehyung is back from his trip and he expected to have a lovely date with his boyfriend Jimin. But Jimin seems to have something important to tell him and once Taehyung hears it he wonders about it. Adding another person to their relationship isn't a bad idea for him but he's unsure about it, so he takes his time to d...

  • The Recall
    98 8 1

    Alice have a new neighbor but she haven't seeing them from three months ago, but suddenly something bad happen to her with one tragedy to another..