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  • The Glory Awards 2019 [OPEN]
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    STATUS: OPEN Welcome to the Glory Awards! Here, undiscovered writers can make their debut on wattpad! Please come inside for more info. JUDGES NEEDED!!! Cover by @itsmarrosee (Cover switches every month)

  • The Six
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    COVER WAS MADE BY @Marvel4Life3 The world of Arethya is threatened by it's biggest villain yet. What happens when six different people with six different personalities are chosen to defend it? Will they band toghter to save the world and use their powers for good? Or will they kill each other first?

  • Search
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    Jessica Evans never understood why she was so different from everybody else. She never felt hungry, she always felt uneasy under the sunlight, people around her never seemed to acknowledge her presence and amongst other things that made her so distinct, she wasn't even capable of crying. Until the day her mother passe...

    2.7K 920 24

    Death is immortality. Death is your second chance. Velian belongs to a classless society of equality, art and democracy; a land full of creativity and mindfulness. It is in that perfect political system that one wrong movement, one careless mistake can cost her life. Bounded to live in disguise for fear of being execu...

  • Chloe's Book Reviews (Open)
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    Hey beautiful writers, if you would like a free book review, make sure to fill in the form inside. I give constructive criticism, and I'm nice. No harsh comments, plus these reviews give you a free book promotion. What's not to love? Highest Ranking #1 Promotions #63 Reviews

  • My Life Matters
    1.2K 478 44

    "My existence is unknown," Miles said to his lonely body, "uncalled for, uncared like I wasn't even there." "My Life Matters" tells the story of a lonely teenager who suffers through loneliness and sadness; but not for long, he meets an unlikely ally that tries to help him through his sad life. Never treated lik...

    1.6K 660 15

    ❛Tragic lovers. Tragic stories. Tragic beginnings. Tragic endings.❜ A compilation of words strung together to construct melancholic stories of love, betrayal, tragedy, and lies. • © 2019, simraan bedekar • ✺ Highest rating: #20 in heartbreak

  • Lady In His Dream
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    They were two strangers that met in their dreams. Not sure if one or both exists, they become infatuated with one another and would rather be asleep than awake. He lives up to every desire, he needs a woman like her. However, both do not believe either one of them are real. A certain aspect of this story is at play...

  • Alvina ✔️
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    There are some games everybody has played at least once. And there is always a winner and unfortunately a loser. Even if that's a friendly round of poker or a boldy round of truth or dare. However, Alvina has never played. She has always been a good daughter, following the rules till she finally made her rebellion. On...

  • Reads Booster Club
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    Do you want your book to get some extra recognition with more reads and comments? Inscribe yourself then here!

  • Trace
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    Prince Elijah Dorian Maguire had no idea what love was. He looked for it everywhere, in places where he was sure the answer would exist. Only when he comes back with the answer, will he be given the crown. Fate comes into play when the prince starts looking where no one expects him to find it. As how could a young gi...

  • Perfect Lies -A Billionaire Romance
    6.6K 1K 22

    ∆Featured in Wattpad's Dangerous love profile's 'feature on dangerous love' reading list~ ∆Featured in Wattpad's Newly Written Books profile's 'Roses are red' reading list~ ∆Runner-up in the badboy category of Earnesty's writers award 2019~ ∆3rd place in the 2019 Dream Awards~ ____ He started walking towards me unti...

  • The Jade Stone Awards 2019
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    CLOSED Enter your story now for the Jade Stone Awards 2019. Get feedback and compete with your story! What's your story?

  • The Pandora Awards 2019 •CLOSED FOR JUDGING•
    4.4K 323 36

    Whether it was Jane Austen, Thomas Hardy, William Shakespeare or Marquis de Sade who made you fall in love with literature, we all have to agree, books are, like Stephen King said "a uniquely portable magic". In honour of the many writers of the Wattpad Community, the Pandora Awards was created to award the créme de...

  • 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝟐𝟎𝟏𝟗 𝐀𝐮𝐭𝐮𝐦𝐧 𝐀𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐝𝐬
    1.8K 223 6

    🍁OPEN JUDGING CLOSED ..... Want to enter a contest but missed out on all the amazing awards this summer? Are you an undiscovered author? Are you looking to grow your fanbase or reach a wider audience? Look no further! Its time for you to get recognized for the writer that you are with the 2019 Autumn Awards! Get...

  • The Mint Awards 2019
    11.7K 740 21

    [🌵] Open [] Closed [🌵] Judging ✮ Welcome to The Mint Awards 2019! If you're looking for a place where you can win prizes, advertise your stories, and just have a whole lot of fun, you've come to the right place! Being small authors ourselves, we know what it's like to want to be discovered. These awards are ge...

  • The Lost Piece
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    In the land of Zarial lies the most prosperous kingdom Aka, whose reign has been seen over the land for centuries. Lead by the proud Civilis family, their reign has been considered kind yet powerful as they possess the strongest forces on the continent. Their fighters -- known to the world as Shards -- has been the be...

  • Dreamland Rush
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    A book club with a focus on spamming a single book in a small period of time.

  • The Summer Awards 2019 | OPEN
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    open 🚲 closed judging 🚲 ✨ONLY HORROR HAS 18 SLOTS LEFT ✨TEEN FIC, POETRY & SHORT STORY WINNERS ANNOUNCED 🍊 an award open to all genres and only accepting entries in English 🍊 【 started June 16th, 2019 】 「highest #1 in contests 」

  • Knocker
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    6 year old Tommy hears his stuffed animals talking to him. When Tommy disobeys the orders of Knocker, Knocker starts to get mean. A huge thanks to Stephanie_Avery for making me this amazing cover! *****Update February 18th, 2018*****