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  • Moon 514 || Blaze and the White Griffon
    77.9K 3.2K 48

    The inevitable is coming: technology must evolve alongside magic. The earth wills it. After the Third Holocaust nearly extinguished life on her surface, the earth yearns for renewal and she hungers to guide mankind to its destiny ... but it may not be ready. Trained from boyhood to be protectorate of the only know...

  • Glitched
    51.4K 4K 36

    FILE SELECTED... LOADING... 10%...20%...30%...80%...99%... LOADING COMPLETE. WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD... A million years ahead of us, there is no war, conflict, poverty, or violence. There are no countries, no borders. Technology and humanity work hand in hand as one; where information is always available and...

  • Partisan - Book II
    86.9K 8.4K 79

    *COMPLETE* "People don't believe in us anymore. They don't believe that in the end we will do what is right. We can't let them down. We can't let Ben win." Decisions made on top of the lonely, wind-swept cliff of Lethinor reverberate around the five kingdoms as war begins in earnest. This is a sequel to Paragon, it's...

  • Evolution (Completed) ✔
    633 107 34

    Who can you trust, the government or your gut? A vaccine claiming to cure all disease comes with an unexpected side effect, leading to a quarantine in a small prison town. A hotheaded skater and his two friends must uncover the truth of the vaccine while their city perishes under flame and violence. On the run fr...

  • Vipersong
    240K 13.4K 81

    Arden Mercer, former fearsome assassin, is perfectly content to live a wandering life and delight in the endless pleasures the world has to offer. Yet, to win his freedom once and for all, he is summoned by the King for one last task: hunting down a mysterious rogue Wizard. Armed with a particular set of skills, Merc...

  • Frozen Fear Book. 2
    167K 12K 32

    {Completed} Highest Ranking: #9 in Fantasy (02/01/17) Book. 2 Mab was as magnificent and alluring as always, her skin as pale as porcelain in the silvery moonlight. Her hair was a sterling gray, a curtain of silk running over her shoulders and down to her naval, her black dress a startling yet marvelous contrast to he...

  • Zeroes
    25.1K 1.2K 10

    In ZEROES, Scott Westerfeld teams up with award-winning authors Margo Lanagan and Deborah Biancotti to create a sizzling new series filled with action and adventure. Don’t call them heroes. But these six Californian teens have powers that set them apart. Take Ethan, a.k.a. Scam. He’s got a voice inside him that’ll say...

  • The Line
    23.2K 1.2K 31

    [FEATURED] Juan Solo comes from the South Side, a world of deserts and heat. Zachary Flynn was born on the North Side, where the sun never shines and the cold bites. Breaking the law on either Side carries the ultimate penalty: banishment to the Line, the storm-wracked strip of sea between the two Sides. The impenet...

  • The Ascent
    72.4K 6.8K 51

    It was only supposed to be a minor military expedition and Kenneth Phon was only supposed to be an observer. But when the ambitions of powerful men turn to betrayal and murder, the largest human war fleet ever assembled finds itself leaderless and lost, thousands of light-years deep in the territory of a hostile alien...

  • Ever So Lightly- Book 1
    73.1K 5.6K 51

    {COMPLETED} The stars disappeared seventeen years ago. A black night sky has mirrored a bleak existence for the people of Auros. The Gifted, humans with unique abilities to affect the world around them, have all but become extinct thanks to the dark reign of a usurper. And somehow Zephyr Elvy has managed to live her n...

  • Sinister Secrets Book. 3
    55.8K 4.5K 39

    {Completed} Highest Ranking: #50 in Fantasy (05/19/17) Book. 3 I almost snorted. "You were scared of me?" I looked up at him, but he continued to watch Genius. "Foster, I was untrained and barely coming into my father's powers. I don't think I'll ever be a match for you." Physically. This time Foster looked down, trut...

    Completed   Mature