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  • The Funeral-Michael Conor
    838 54 7

    Book 1 in my new IRL series

  • Cringy IRL Fanfiction
    426 42 3

    Just me purposely writing fan fiction that's so bad it's entertaining about my favorite boys

  • Boy Band/IRL/4th Ave Pics
    1.8K 144 24

    Just a book of pictures of some beautiful humans. Enjoy. (These pics are not mine, I get them from different Instagram pages and other places :) )

  • Mafia| Michael Conor
    4.4K 378 20

    "I trusted them, all of them." "I know Mike, but in a big game of mafia, you can trust no one." (Inspired by the party game)

  • The Boyband Awards | Volume 2
    8.4K 868 59

    Vote for your favorite guys/ boybands! Open until midnight July 26, 2018

  • The Boyband Closet
    3.4K 159 13

    Literally just me making fun of the outfits the guys had to wear on Boy Band

  • United | In Real Life
    6.7K 419 31

    "We're going to win this competition, for them" | sequel to Divided

  • teach me | chance perez
    38.7K 975 39

    "teach me..." ↬ all lowercase on purpose.

  • Everything but the kitchen sink
    6.9K 1.3K 118

    Hi guys, this is my first book! It basically is, well, everything but the kitchen sink! Maybe some imagines, fangirling, dreams, jokes, conspiracy theories, perhaps some tea, stuff about In Real Life and my obsession with Brady Tutton, poems, honest comments, pick up lines, etc. Hope you stick around! If you don't, ha...

  • Instagram // Mikey Jimenez
    40K 894 52

    *mkyofficial liked your photo *mkyofficial liked your photo *mkyofficial commented on your photo "She's the girl I'm talking about @drewramosofficial" [ social media] ✔️ Completed

  • In Real Life Song Lyrics
    411 40 9

    All of the lyrics to IRL's songs here! Follow them on: Instagram: inreallife Twitter: inreallife Facebook: in real life I do not own the song or lyrics I'm just a #LifeLine All Copy Rights Reserved©

  • The War Zone
    25.5K 2.2K 154

    Only one boy can remain. Vote to save your faves! Each boy will be paired up against another boy, and whoever gets the most votes for that round moves on. The last one to remain is the winner. Highest ranking #38 in non fiction #613 in random

  • Stuck With You ~a Sergio Calderon fanfiction~
    66 4 1

    Aubrieanna was the one girl in school that just couldn't click with anyone. Even on the volleyball court, she couldn't get along very well with her teammates. She has always been very secluded. Sergio. He was basically a double threat. He can sing and was also the star soccer player. He rulled the school along side h...

  • Stop Texting Me~Chance Perez
    1.8K 100 8

    An everyday Texas college student gets an unexpected text from a member of a boyband. Two strong personalities meet in the middle as we follow the story of Chalexandra. Apple is not ready for this wild ride

  • Prank Calls | D.R.
    10.7K 647 22

    "Is your refrigerator running? Well then you better catch it!" A story in which an egotistical pop star keeps getting prank calls from a sarcastic girl Book 1 of 5 in the communications series

  • Tearing Me Apart | Michael Conor
    17.8K 494 28

    "It's tearing me apart..."

  • Boy Band Imagines *Request Are Closed*
    177K 2.7K 203

    This book is where you can request an imagine about your favorite boy from the ABC show Boy Band. You can request as many times as you want. Please request and read this book.

  • Boy Band Imagines
    27.2K 295 37

    *For the boys we all know and have fallen in love with* *request are accepted*

  • Uptown Girl
    3.8K 78 13

    Evielyn Wesley, a 17 year old who was sent to an arts boarding school in London England at the age of 7 has made a career out of YouTube being one of the top youtubers in the world and is now on Disney Channel and the top movies. She has now decided to move to California to live with her brother Miles Wesley from the...

  • The Boy Band Awards
    6.3K 450 26

    An awards thing I decided to do to wrap up 2017! Go vote for your faves! Highest ranking: #24 in nonfiction

  • In Real Life Wallpapers
    2.1K 29 4

    I custom make wallpapers for you to use for your phone XD Credit Me: Instagram: inreallifeoffical5 Wattpad: inreallifeoffical5

  • Be My Guest ~Brady Tutton Fanfiction~
    362 41 5

    When a Fangirl's dream comes true

  • Empty Promises | MC - sequel to The Promise
    35.7K 1.7K 42

    "I told you I don't make empty promises." Sequel to The Promise

  • don't forget | michael conor
    3.4K 90 7

    "promise you won't forget about me when you're famous." "how could i ever forget about you sydney davis." [michael conor x boyband] [ started : august 30, 2017] [ended :

  • The Liars Game | Michael Conor
    36.1K 1.1K 29

    "Can I trust you?" "You'll find out, just take my hand." "Will it be safe?" "I can't promise that our journey will be safe, but I can promise I'll be right by your side through it all." Disclaimer: No smut! There will be sexual references! Some mature language! May be extremely emotional!

    Completed   Mature
  • Depression | Drew Ramos
    411 19 2

    "I don't think I'll ever be okay." "Why do you think that?" "Because I don't feel anything anymore." Disclaimer: Some mature language! May be extremely emotional!

  • who knew? // a michael conor story
    11.6K 279 14

    who knew one sign at a concert could begin a crazy adventure.

  • fool's gold // chance & mc
    9.4K 251 20

    fool's gold : someone who is in love with someone who is only using them, or taking advantage of them.

  • Divided- In Real Life/ Boy Band ABC AU
    25.8K 1.3K 47

    In a school that's so black and white, it's hard to be grey.