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    This is something I wrote in 5th grade and it's cringey af Requests are closed, please move to the updated version of this book on my profile to put in request, thank you! - NIMCH

  • Blutsbande (ACHTUNG: MANNxMANN und Inzest!!) {Beendet}
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    ✴ Desire & Lust Award 2018: Platz 1, Kategorie Jugendliteratur ✴ ☡Bevor ihr anfangt zu lesen, bitte beachtet, dass diese Geschichte Homosexualität UND Inzest beinhaltet. Wem diese Themen nicht zusagen, sollte an dieser Stelle aufhören zu lesen! Außerdem wird es Kraftausdrücke und explizite sexuelle Szenen geben. An al...

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  • Boku No Hero academia Males x Male reader
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    I thought the world was nice But it wasn't And being born to be able to see And be blind at the same time Was a huge mistake to god Because I wish I was blind forever Then be able to see ever again I know I have another story but this goes through season 1 before I can watch season 2 so be patient with me