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  • Corruption {Carl Grimes Fan-Fiction}
    42.6K 1.5K 23

    After what was supposed to be an amazing trip with her family, Rosaline, a strong and independent teenage girls' life takes a turn for the worst. Follow her and look into her thoughts on her epic journey learning how to survive in the most harsh and inexplicable circumstances after being found by teenage boy by the na...

  • Run with Me: [Deleted 2014 Version]
    205K 6K 50

    ❝Even in his darkest moments, Kat Everest had found a way to kiss Carl's scars.❞ © mixed-fanfictions 2014. "The Walking Dead" characters and excerpts are all subject copyrighted to Robert Kirkman and the writers and producers, cast and crew, of "The Walking Dead."

  • Clarkesville (Chandler Riggs)
    77.7K 2.9K 38

    When 14 year old Riley Ghent has to leave her home in Connecticut to move to California, something goes wrong. After stopping the flight at Atlanta, Georgia, she finds out the world has been effected by a terrifying disease. But when she ends up running into her favorite teen actor from an ironic TV show, he might cha...