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  • ℌalsey imagines {ɢɪʀʟxɢɪʀʟ}
    529K 4.1K 32

    Just a book of two girls having some fun (Contains: Smut, swearing, and some triggers) HIGHEST RANKING: #1 IN HALSEY

  • A Dark Adventure With My Mistress
    107K 1K 8

    Nadia is young and beautiful. Little and submissive. Scarlett is also beautiful but not as young as you would think. Dominant and sexy. She also has a secret in which it's only a secret from Little Nadia.

  • I Love Your Past! (Tomoe x Nanami x Akura-ou)
    23.5K 685 33

    Nanami was bored, and asked Mizuki to help her get rid of her boredom. He told her to lay down and to close her eyes so he could help her relax,but his plans were actually different. He, without her knowing, wanted for Nanami to time travel to the past and see Tomoes true self. But the time-turning incense burner brok...

  • goddes and her fox familiar
    52.8K 1.3K 42

    nanami is the landgoddes of mikage shrine. she's in love with her fox familiar tomoe. but she's human and he is yokai, love between those species is claimed taboo. but what if nanami gets summond for a emergency meeting with the other gods? nanami returns totally different how wil things turn out?

  • Imagine Me Without You
    284 8 1

    A story that was formulated from Fushigi Yuugi anime, Episode 33 (Nuriko’s Eternal Farewell). What if Nuriko didn’t really die but was abducted by Ashitare to the Seiryuu’s camp and was forced to take the drug, called Kudoku (That drug which Yui gave to Tamahome in order for him to forget the greatest treasure of his...