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  • Me complaining and recommending fics
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    Band members to people who write fan fics

  • Puck//Ryden
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    ✔Ryan Ross plays hockey for Northwestern. He'd figure he would get all the attractive people by playing. Brendon is the president of the drama club, he has temper. What happens when they have to fake date? Will sparks fly or will bruises be left on skin? ©Randomfangir 2016

  • What a babe||Ryden
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    ✔️Brendon Urie is a punk. Tattoos and piercing and how could I forget the leather jacket? Ryan Ross like girly clothes. He was considered soft grunge around the style blogs but in the hallways he was a tease. Especially to Brendon Urie (Cover art by Golden-Days)

  • i'm no good with words
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    ✔️Ryan Ross is a famous singer who was bored one day on twitter. Brendon Urie is a youtuber that makes videos about the bandom.

  • Pastels
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    Ryan Ross never thought he'd get a tattoo until he read Invisible Monsters Brendon Urie always wanted to be a tattoo artist. Also did I mention he has a kid?

  • it's just poetry sweetheart||Ryden
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    ✔️The story where Ryan Ross is a self proclaimed poet and a Brendon Urie writes songs for people sometimes

  • Castle||ryden
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    ✔️ George Ryan Ross the third is a prince Brendon Urie is a servant What happens when they start talking

  • Born (sequel to Daddy)
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    ✔️Sequel to Daddy. Tyler is a teen now. Ryan and Brendon their married and also have a little daughter named Amanda. What happens when Tyler gets into trouble though? (Art done by BennyPhantom on tumblr)

  • Prompts//ryden KIK/Youtuber au
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    ✔️Bren!!: Josh can you help me with some AU's? Ry: I'm Ryan....but I'll help you anyway

  • Diva||Ryden
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    ✔️Madonna, roller skates and hot pink lip stick those were the things Brendon Urie woreshipped. The 80's came with punks, pop freaks and geeks. Through all of that Brendon found a boy who who was singing Materiel Girl on the subway while chewing hot pink bubble gum.

  • It's just the truth||Ryden
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    ✔️Ryan Ross likes "girly" clothes Brendon urie is a asshole