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  • Avengers Prologue
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    In 1994 SHEILD brought together a group of remarkable people. Or, at least, the first group of remarkable people. This is not the group you know, and not the story you know. Welcome to the rewrite series of the Marvel universe, catching you up on all events prior to the first Avengers story you know that took plac...

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    you deserve to be happy. you deserve to live a life you are excited about. don't let others make you forget that. © jungcool 062017

  • 30
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    In the distant future, after a century of nuclear war, there are 10 humans left surviving after the battle. However, there is still hope. Deep within the natural monuments of the world, lie 30 spirits. they've been corrupted by a force known only as Crimson Eye. Can they save the human race and the 30 spirits... befor...

  • The Mind Kingdom
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    In the Meye kingdom, there stands 4 kingdoms each ruled by a different trait. Dialectia of Insomnia, Creo of Imagination, Commentum of Paranoia, and Lagenam Larva of Emotions. This novel explains the comings and goings of this land of Meyen.

  • Monophobia
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    Read to find out lol