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  • The Marvel-ous Fangirl And The Villainous Bad Boy
    32 4 7

    Shona Lydenburg - a simple black girl. She's intelligent, humorous, strange, sporty, creative, artistic, conformist, dramatic, rule-driven and nerdy. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Dimitri Fernandez - not so normal kind of guy. He's intelligent, introvert, handsome, wealthy, troublesome, irascible, doesn't play well with o...

  • A Book Of The Lands: The One Who Would Be King
    267K 1.1K 19

    The goblin horde has arrived! Djar's parents have been murdered, his city is occupied and things look worse every day. But there is one small hope: If only he can reach the sorceress Dymorla. The only trouble is, she already has a plan of her own, and it includes snatching a boy from an alternate plane (Earth), and an...

  • A Hunting Ranger (Pokemon Fanfiction) {Pokemon Watty 2013}
    11K 397 32

    It's been three months since my sister Summer and her partner Ben went back to the Oblivia region to help out the Pokemon Ranger there, and I finally graduated Pokemon Ranger School! And what's more, I've been chosen to go with a Top Ranger to an Undercover mission! But what happens if we are discovered! And I met som...

  • The Time Gear (pokemon fanfiction(Pokemon Watty Awards 2014)
    26.4K 735 26

    Time is a precious thing, you never know when time will corrupt, or if someone will try to use it's power. A protector is needed. Three time gears. One person. A haunted past and an unwanted kinship. No one can fix the past, but everyone can create the future.

  • Shooting Star (Marvel FanFiction)
    306 11 8

    All Maggie ever wanted to do was to change the world. To be something more than just an average human. She tried and tried and hoped and hoped, but nothing worked. When she pushed herself one too many times, something extraordinary happened. Shooting Star was born and she evolved her into one of the best modern da...

  • Dragons at Hogwarts
    674K 24.4K 63

    The Elder Dragons are an old race, as old as the magic that permeates this world. They are the oldest of races and in the times of fire and lava at the formation of this world, they were there, and they developed hard scales, harder than diamond, and wings to fly above the fire and death in the burning world below. T...

  • The Secret Asgardian (An Avengers Fanfiction)
    1.1M 34.8K 55

    A secret is hardly ever kept, is it? In the case of Eldrid, an Asgardian pretending to be an ordinary mortal, when her secret is found out, her life changes forever. When S.H.I.E.L.D finds this secret Asgardian, Eldrid is whisked away in the middle of the night, to later become the most reluctant "Avenger" to ever ste...

  • Avengers FanFictions
    12.5K 212 17

    A bunch of Avengers one shots I decided to write. Please rate, comment and vote + constructive criticism is welcome and so are any ideas or requests.

  • Story of a Lifetime (Spider-Man fanfic)
    35.1K 1K 18

    Charlize has just graduated from university and is hungry for a job in the journalism world. She applies to work at the Daily Bugle and scores an interview with J. Jonah Jamison and he hires her. The next day, Charlize starts her job at the Bugle. Jonah calls her into his office and he tells her that her first assi...

  • Adventures of the Littlevengers!
    54.7K 2K 19

    A 'science stuff' gone wrong, seven small children, two SHIELD agents, and a pinch of AIM sticking their noses where they don't belong. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? Have you ever wondered what would happen if Maria Hill had to look after a group of de-aged Avengers? You have? Well then, this is the story...

  • Make Way for the Spiders
    87.1K 2.9K 25

    Rayne is new in town. She and her mom move from their quiet home in Arizona, to live in New Yorks's Manhatten-the home of Spiderman. But Rayne is hiding something from her mother. And only two people can earn her trust and friendship-Peter Parker and Spiderman.

  • Marvel High School {Marvel FanFiction}
    1.8K 21 2

    Title pretty much says it all. Many Marvel characters and pairings are featured. Includes my OC Anna. Rated PG 13 for language and themes in later chapters.