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  • Caught (Camren)
    1.3M 31.8K 36

    3 P.M. - I loved her. She loved me. I fell harder and harder every day, and I knew it was dangerous. She was dangerous. Her kiss began to taste like vodka even when she hadn't been drinking and her nails dug into my skin like razors, but I loved her. 11 P.M. - The flick of a lighter. I saw the flame in her emerald ey...

    Completed   Mature
  • CC7
    7M 119K 28

    Lauren and Camila are two of the most promising soccer talents in the country. The two skilled girls are playing for the U-17 US team to win the world championship in Costa Rica. Their connection on the field is obvious but what happens off field when unexpected feelings come in to play?

  • Sparks Fly
    893K 23.5K 27

    Camila Cabello is a high school senior, she had never really crushed on anyone until the new English teacher showed up. This is going to be a weird year. Camren.

  • Do I Wanna Know
    11.3M 168K 50

    This story is not mine. I do not own anything. All credits goes to the brilliant author of this story, Jazmin (@moviegeek120). You can also read this story on All the fanarts in every chapter are made by Laura_Snow

  • Starring role (Jerrie)
    102K 3K 21

    Jade releases a bitter chuckle, like it was an inside joke, her muscles seeming to go limp as she forgets fighting, it's useless. "It's hard to feel anything when you've become this numb." She mutters, the feeling of tears stinging her eyes and threaten to pour down like a river, but she bites them back. Perrie's mout...

  • Love, anonymous (Jerrie)
    218K 5.7K 29

    Perrie Edwards had always been one to observe Jade Thirlwall from afar, always having the slightest crush on her. It wasn't stalking or peeping, it was a simple crush that evolved into something so much more complicated. One day, Perrie decides things should change. She gathers the courage to begin to leave little mes...

  • Blurred Lines (originally started in Songs About Camren)
    521K 11.6K 36

    "I gently grabbed her arm and leaned in, 'so listen,' I whispered in her ear, 'I don’t usually do this,' my other hand grabbing hold of her waist, 'but I may never see you again, so f*ck it, come spend the night with me,' I breathed out gently pulling back, my brown eyes meeting her narrowed emerald orbs, she’s beauti...

  • Jerrie one shots
    124K 2.2K 18

    The title says it all

  • Happy Accident (originally started in Songs About Camren)
    591K 12.4K 40

    "'Well,' I paused and I couldn't help but smile, 'sometimes, things happen and we may not be ready for them, but they still happen, like they're supposed to.'" What happens when head cheerleader Camila Cabello has to take an extra class with the new teacher in school and lays her bright brown eyes on the most captiva...

  • Hate that I love you (Jerrie one shot)
    6.1K 150 1

    Jade and Perrie had been nearly inseparable during their childhood, but shouldn't all bonds be broken? Their lives had changed when Perrie and her family move. Years pass and Perrie's back, but this time all has changed for the two. Perrie's attitude is different, displeasing Jade, who gets bothered by it. It was as i...

  • Adorkable YOU<3 ( a Jerrie fanfic )
    15.9K 440 9

    Perrie Edwards, one of the most popular girls of her school, is dating Zayn Malik, also considered as one of the bad boys of the school; with this status it leaves Perrie wondering if she should keep fighting for their relationship. Though, along the way she suddenly meets a geeky,nerd, not anything like Perrie girl'...

  • Secrets (Jerrie fanfiction)
    389K 7.9K 28

    Winning x-factor and breaking history , having 3 number 1 hit singles, going to number 4 on the USA charts you'd think Little Mix would be on top of the world right-wrong atleast not for Perrie who is struggling with her feelings for a special bandmate. How long will this go on until secrets are spilled and the truth...

  • Songs About CAMREN (CAMREN One Shots, Mini Series & Drabbles)
    706K 12K 81

    A Whole Bunch of CAMREN One Shots/Mini Series/Drabbles most of them inspired by Songs. So Vote/Comment/Message...whatever you'd like! Here goes…ENJOY =) ...keep reading, they get better ;) **Disclaimer: Any songs/lyrics referenced/used & multimedia used in this book are NOT mine**

  • Dangerous (Jerrie)
    108K 3.2K 22

    Jade Thirlwall knew she wasn't one with a nice life, thought she wasn't even supposed to be placed on this planet, but she was and she couldn't change that. She was one of those random faces you would pass by on the street without a second glance. The girl no one cared about. The one that never spoke up in class, the...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jade and Perrie One shots
    92.7K 902 20