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  • DeLuca's Home for Mentally Disturbed Boys (BxB Polyamory)
    405K 22.6K 67

    "If you have a son who believes he's a unicorn, a dragon, a werewolf, or even a faerie, and you don't know what to do with him... Then you need to send him to DeLuca's Home for Mentally Disturbed Boys. Call the number below if you wish to draw an application form. If you are accepted, your son will be safely in this...

  • The Fallen Angel's Guardian Alpha
    208K 14.6K 21

    One fell from Heaven and the other fell apart, but they both fell in love. Now with a war brewing between the Angels of Heaven and Demons of The Underworld, a pack of werewolves is in the middle and the wreckage left in its wake is deadly. Malachi and Ezekiel are trying to adjust to being mates, learning what it mean...

  • Midnight Blues || Victuuri
    28.3K 1.4K 19

    -Day and Night AU- The Child of Darkness that rules the night, the Son of Light being hailed upon above the skies. Never were they to receive each other's touch, holding the destruction itself as the Timekeeper renounced the birth of two Kings. 3.48 seconds to midnight was all it took before the light fell hopelessl...

  • Stepbrothers
    1M 45.7K 40

    [Completed] #79 in Humor I'D LIKE TO CLARIFY THAT IT'S NOT INCESTUOUS (THEY'RE NOT RELATED AT ALL. By blood at least...) New life, new town, new family, and a new... Step Brother? Evan moved newly with his mother to her new husband's house. He's supposed to have a stepbrother who is not there apparently. An accident...

  • Mr. Detective (Black Butler x Male! Reader)
    82.4K 2.1K 12

    (M/N) (L/N), 13 year old detective. One of Britain's best. "There's always some good in goodbyes. But I think I'll miss yours the most...". (M/N) is a peculiar boy, but if there was one word to describe him it would be 'unique'. Left by his father before birth and witnessing the death of his mother at the...

  • Haikyuu x M!Reader One-Shots
    78.7K 2.4K 28

    A Haikyuu One-Shot - Uke!Haikyuu!! x Male!Seme!Reader •Haikyuu!! does not belong to me, nor any artwork. •Includes Yaoi (boyxboy). •Includes sexual themes. •Includes strong language. If any of these bullets bother you, than do not read!