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  • cellophane ™ liam dunbar [1]
    33.8K 1.6K 20

    ❝can't hide the pain, when you're wrapped in cellophane.❞ A story in which a girl feels so alone and so invisible that's she's hoping one day- someday, somebody will have the courage enough to unwrap the cellophane that's wrapped around her body and make her feel alive. A story in which a girl hopes that...

  • Hazardous || Teen Wolf [4]
    196K 6.7K 25

    "We're all in the same game; just different levels. Dealing with the same devil; just different hells." -Anon. (Season 3b) (book 4) (Imelda Drake series) COMPLETED T E E N W O L F (OC X SCOTT MCCALL)

  • Lullabies • Scott McCall [1]
    1M 25.7K 38

    Scott McCall never thought he'd let a pregnant girl into his pack. He surely never thought he'd fall in love with her. [#5 IN "SCOTT MCCALL"] WARNING: THIS IS CHEASY ASS HELL AND I AM SO SORRY

  • texts • Dylan Sprayberry
    54.4K 3.4K 27

    "Josh are you coming over tonight or not? im tired of waiting for you every single night." "I'm not Josh who sounds like an asshole but ill still come over if you want." in which a teenager girl accidentally texts a stranger who isn't her boyfriend.

  • a part of me | tyler posey [ 1 ]
    236K 10.6K 55

    "You like neck deep? Dude, me too!" a tyler posey fanfiction highest ranking(s); #81 in fanfiction, #3 in tyler posey copyright © 2016 alice young [ PLOT BY THEBLUESTHING ] [ COVER BY ME ]

  • Needing Batman ▷ Stiles Stilinski [Book 1]
    294K 8.7K 19

    "Maybe one day when Batman thinks that Gotham doesn't need him, then Batman will no longer need Gotham." -Jenna Felmore Sarcastic, super smart, very athletic, Jenna Felmore has just moved to Beacon Hills because of her father's new job as the deputy. Unlike her brother Charlie who was excited for the move Jenna...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Other Stella ➳ Stiles Stilinski [3]
    469K 15K 53

    USE TO BE NAMED "Revival" When a couple has to face the world together Cover by idkmstiles Itsselenastiles owns Stella Argent

    Completed   Mature
  • The Other Life ➳ Stiles Stilinski [4] DISCONTINUED
    183K 6.2K 41

    "How is it that you went from being bad to being good to being bad again?" "I'm not perfect and you know that but I'm trying." Cover by idkmstiles Itsselenastiles owns Stella Argent

  • Absolute Zero (A Stiles Stilinski/Teen Wolf Fanfiction) [4]
    109K 3.9K 27

    Twenty minutes. Twenty minutes is all that kept Emma Brisbane from sacrificing her life to save a friend. Twenty minutes that cover her in grief and regret. Now, there's a deadpool with her name on it. The thing is, it's not just her and her friends names that scare her; it's the name of someone she thought was gone f...

    6.6K 293 4

    "A lasso? Sounds kind of kinky." "It's far from it." Where two people who seek justice, just so happen to find each other at the most inappropriate time. [Season Five -Season Six] [DISCONTINUED]

  • Russo (Stiles Stilinski)
    170K 7.1K 13

    A lazy, trouble-making wizard meets a spastic, sarcastic human. __ [Teen Wolf x Wizards of Waverly Place AU] Stiles Stilinski x Alex Russo [Season 2] © 2015 Mary

  • Explosive || Teen Wolf [3]
    310K 11.3K 28

    "Devils don't come from hell beneath us, they come from the sky." -Lex Luthor (Book 3) (Season 3a) (Cover by Bree) (Imelda Drake series) C O M P L E T E D T E E N W O L F (OC X SCOTT MCCALL)

  • Combustible || Teen Wolf [2]
    425K 14.2K 23

    "We stopped checking for monster under our bed when we realized they were inside us all along." -The Joker (Book 2) (Season 2) COMPLETED (Imelda Drake series) (Book 2) T E E N W O L F (OC X DEREK HALE)

    Completed   Mature
  • snapchat » mccall
    35.2K 1K 11

    in which she puts her snapchat online and gets a message from an unlikely lover »scott mccall au«

  • Hiding • Scott McCall • Book One
    208K 4.7K 30

    Something attracted her to Beacon Hills. But she was known as the girl with the hood, who had a secret. By day she was a normal Teenage girl, by night she is a creature of the night. So what happens when she finds out that she isn't the only one and that there could possible be something killing people for the fun o...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Cause » Void Stiles
    312K 11.8K 25

    ❝What's so great about sanity? I don't see you having any fun.❞ When asked to define insanity, a great majority of the Eichen House staff would direct the questioner to a petite brunette by the name of Lita Mitchell. In a building comprised of clinically insane people, too dangerous to roam freely within society, th...

  • Rebel ♛ Derek Hale [1] #wattys2016
    1M 25.6K 26

    "When will you learn that being a so-called 'rebel' won't get you anywhere?" "It got me here, didn't it?" Rebecca McCall is finally coming home after spending a good portion of her schooling life at a boarding school for 'troubled young ladies'. But when she returns to the town she so fondly called home, she begins to...

  • Fireball || Derek Hale [1]
    1.2M 30.3K 29

    "It ain't about how hard you can hit; it's about how hard you can get hit, and keep moving forward." -Rocky Balboa (Season 1) (Imelda Drake series) (Book 1) COMPLETED T E E N W O L F (OC X DEREK HALE)

    Completed   Mature