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  • The maze runner imagines
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    Inside you can find all my maze runner imagines. I like to write about Thomas, Newt, Minho and Gally. You can always request sent an request, the character doesn't matter. I hope you guys have fun reading this. I don't own any of the charachters, only the storylines are mine. Please don't copy my stories.

  • Gally x Reader
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    An adorable, awkward, extroverted girl is the newest Greenbean-or rather, Shebean-in the Glade. What trouble will having a girl in the Glade stir up? What happens Gally's angry walls begin to break down for her? #1 in mazerunner 1/5/2021 #1 in Gally 1/25/2021 #1 in Gallyxreader 11/18/2020 #1 in tmr 1/21/2021 !Disclaim...