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  • The Alphas Unwanted Mate (Vkook)
    23.3K 844 17

    Kim Taehyung is the soon to be the Alpha of the Crescent Moon pack, the strongest wolf pack known. He's got it all, the power, his "Luna" and an awesome family. The last thing he wanted was to know that his mate was not the love of his life or a female at all! Jeon Jungkook is one of the only male omegas left in the...

    518K 45.6K 30

    SPACE VOYAGE | VKOOK When 7 boys who barely know each other get stuck in a spaceship hurling through the galaxy for 2 whole months, things are bound to get messy. larryvgl © 2018

  • Stranger Or Neighbor | + j.jk ✔
    19.9K 1.2K 35

    JJK: Srsly, but who tf r u?? KTH: Just call me daddy, baby. ;) -A Discord texting app.

    Completed   Mature
  • Scent [kookv]
    1M 49.5K 39

    [COMPLETED] Werewolves are born with ranks. It's great for prideful Alphas but unfortunate for weak Omegas. But sometimes, fateful meetings changes everything. TopKook BottomTae This is my first fanfic. Hope you like it! DISCLAIMER All credits goes to the rightful owners of the pics, fan arts and gifs used in this boo...

  • Change |KookV| Completed
    168K 9.5K 34

    ❝He was a rainbow, But he was colorblind.❞ 'Jungkook? Do you still love me?' C O M P L E T E D. [t a e k o o k] |082117 to 101317| |Book II : r e p l a c e d|

  • Incorrect Password | VKook
    34.4K 2.4K 8

    He only typed in the password three times in which the phone took his picture and sent it to the owner's email. BEGAN: 02/20/17 ENDED:

  • Innocent Text • [TAEKOOK]
    5.8K 271 27

    ThyTAETAE: Hey cutiee. Wanna smash ;) JeonCena: Hello! :D. Who are you and what is a 'smash'? ThyTAETAE: ...... * * Taehyungs' friend, Yoongi, found an account on Instagram. He showed Taehyung and now Taehyung is flirting with the account owner. What will happen? Its legit sum crack lol * * * 3rd book. I Should st...

    4M 264K 66

    "Daddy." Jeongguk spit out his water all over the table, coughing as he tried to regain his breath. "Excuse me?" He asked as he looked at an innocent Taehyung, who seemed to not understand the word that just left him mouth. "It's what Jin calls Namjoonie." --- ⚠️ Warnings ⚠️ -Fluff -Bad humor -Sarcasm -Sexual con...

  • Siren || Kookv
    46.6K 2.7K 21

    Taehyung is a Siren. But he doesn't like luring people into his cave with his voice and killing them. He is completely comfortable with eating seaweeds. Jeongguk is the leader of the Mafia group 'BTS'. Mafia + Siren AU. Cause why the fuck not. Btw, Credits go to @sugahyxng for the cover cause i love her. Highest Ranki...

    55.5K 2.2K 9

    Jeon Jungkook, the college's popular boy along with his 5 members in a group called BTS are the mafias. They keep it as a secret from everyone in the college. Kim Taehyung, a pretty average boy who is clumsy, yet irresistible and innocent are unluckily (or the luckiest person) stuck with the so-called BTS members. He...

  • Accidentally Yours [kookv]
    1.1M 53K 48

    [COMPLETED] A not so romantic story of an annoying little fucker, vampire prince and a total asshole, true blood werewolf who unfortunately made an accident that changes their lives forever. Highest Rank in Fan Fiction: #18 [18+] TopKook BottomTae WARNING This book contains explicit contents. I mean, all the explicit...

  • ° Valuable Possession | vkook
    75.7K 3.7K 37

    Who knew, that one night with a certain bunny-toothed boy was all what Kim Taehyung needed to be convinced to buy him all for himself. ©Guccigguk-

  • "¢нєαтєя" || кσσкν
    106K 4.6K 36

    In which Taehyung's boyfriend is possessive and also a cheater.

    406K 43.9K 73

    [COMPLETED] Jeonjungkook: "S E N D N U D E S" Kimtata: it's a 'give and take' shit bruh.

    Completed   Mature
  • Are you Calling Me a Sinner?《Taekook》|Completed|
    47.8K 2.6K 31

    ¤ "I'm just a serial killer that's on the run what's so bad about it...killing makes me happy" ¤ ||| ¤"So your a bad person that si- " ¤ ||| ¤"Sins?.. Are you calling me a sinner?"¤

  • Sassy Dorks (KookTae / KookV )
    25.8K 2.7K 35

    Donde Jeon Jungkook chico perfecto por excelencia cayó completamente por un chico asexual, un muy lindo y tierno chico asexual. Jungkook podía lidiar con los extraños suceso y asesinatos pero conquistar a ese adorable castaño, eso sí podía matarlo. Una historia fluff que resultó no ser tan típica. ~ Ase...

  • My Little Dongsaeng
    136K 216 2

    ⚠ UNDER CONSTRUCTION ⚠ I love you so, so much. toptae « bottomkook

    166K 6.5K 23

    Where Jungkook is obsessed with Taehyung. And the way Taehyung calls him, 'Daddy'. ΔKOOKVΔ Top Kook Bottom Tae

    Completed   Mature