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  • Little Sister?! (Osomatsu-San x reader)
    40.7K 996 10

    You were adopted by the parents of the Matsuno brothers. As if they didn't already have enough kids... You are eighteen while your six older brothers are in their twenties. Your a pretty shy and socially awkward girl but your the most sweetest and caring person ever. Your an introvert but you do like to go outside som...

  • What Happens in a Houseful of Boys. (EddsWorld - Tom x Reader)
    92.3K 1.9K 22

    this book is CANCELED, meaning it will no longer get updates or be finished. You just moved into a small house with 3 boys, Edd, Matt, and Tom. You start to fall for Tom, the spiked hair, blue hoodie wearing, black eyed, drunk. What will happen? Was # 1 in 'tomxreader'! Was #1 in Comedic! Cover Art By Me

  • HARD BARGAIN [Reader x Gene]
    2.7K 144 22

    Y/N is the bubbliest girl in the school. Full of energy, positive spirit and high on life. Nothing could ever bring her down. Y/N always says her biggest dream ever is to become a counseller or psychiatrist- to help those who are mentally wounded and scarred. But nobody could've guessed what she really wanted. Y/N is...

  • The Terrible Life of AriWritesStuff
    12.3K 433 6

    Once a Blaze X Reader, now an educational and unprofessional rant book where I insult numerous topics, teach y'all some other languages and just genuinely smack talk things I'll post whatever the fuck I want. No balls Ongoing series -Japanese with Ariel -Why I stopped watching Mystreet -Ship talk -Other fandoms I fin...