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  • BROKEN HEARTS - A Melix Fanfic
    4.2K 136 4

    Marzia met this wonderful Swedish guy, Felix, through internet almost 4 years ago. They've been through a lot, but despite that, they are still together for one simple reason - they truly love eachother. But when this one person shows up everything turns into negativity and misunderstanding.

  • A Rebel Inside (Melix Fanfic)
    22.3K 615 20

    Marzia and Felix both have problems, more likely it's from Felix. The rebel in his life became a serious thing, until he was changed by a woman named Marzia. They both get into a lot of trouble.

  • Felix and I
    14.7K 379 27

    Marzia and Felix always had a dreamy relationship, Marzia was ready to take the next step: marriage but Felix wasn't. Their relationship is in danger, people try to separate them and they have to make a decision before their time is over.

  • Masquerade || Melix
    8.9K 288 16

    (A.U) Marzia loved books. She read them and stayed to herself. There is a Masquerade Ball being thrown by Natalia, Felix's beautifully bitchy ex-girlfriend. Basically everyone is invited. No one will know it is her, so she decides to go. But what happens when Mr. Popular falls in love with the Bookworm. (Takes pla...

  • Only A Memory (A PewDiePie and Cutiepiemarzia fanfiction)
    7.9K 217 11

    Imagine waking up to find that all of the moments and memories you shared with your loved one never existed. You never met them and all of the time you thought you spent with them had past without you even knowing them. That's what happens to Felix Kjellberg (Better known as PewDiePie) in this fanfiction.

  • She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not. (Marzia/Felix Fanfic)
    1.4K 18 1

    Marzia was just a normal girl from Italy, still an A+ high school student, a very pretty girl, and is very quiet and distant from each and everyone of her classmates. She has a friend named Minx, who she met from the internet. Minx is the opposite of her. Minx is lesbian, and has an 18 year old girlfriend. Minx is fam...

  • Too True Love (PewDiePie and CutiePie)
    72.6K 1.3K 48

    When Marzia announces to Felix that she is pregnant, they both want to make sure they are ready for when the time comes. After announcing it on YouTube to their subscribers, their popularity reaches incredible limits not just on the Internet but to the world as well which both of them didn't ask for and with one more...

  • Could it be (a pewdiepie and marzia fanfic)
    11.6K 174 10

    A cute fan fiction about marzia and pewdiepie that isn't graphic

  • Forbidden Story (A Melix Fanfic) *ON HIATUS*
    3.3K 80 14

    The story of Felix and Marzia's Forbidden love. Marzia is a normal girl, until she runs into her idol, Felix or PEWEDIIEEPIEEE!! When her dad finds her when she's with him, Marzia knows knows there love is forbidden and she knows she has to shout from the rooftops to save her and Felix's live, and there priceless rela...