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  • The Wakeful Wanderer's Guide to New New England & Beyond
    6.3K 517 37

    #WATTYS2017 Winner! - Newcomer's Category Oohrah's 2017 Winner! - Post-Apocalyptic Category Highest ranking #39 in Science Fiction Marto Boxter cannot stop thexting. He sends messages to his friends, not with his phone but with his mind. This technological telepathy accelerates social interactions between the people...

  • Dissolution
    39.9K 3.1K 26

    WATTY'S 2017 NEWCOMER AWARD WINNER: What would you sell yourself for? Madeline knows. She's spent the last eighteen years impatiently waiting for her Auctioning so she can sell herself to MERCE Solutions Limited for a hundred thousand credits. But when the Auctioneer fails to call her and two suits show up at her door...

  • Destin
    126K 6.8K 21

    Max Destin is a legend. In a world of espionage, intelligence agencies, gangs, smugglers, mercenaries, and thieves, nothing is ever certain. Power can shift in the blink of an eye, a wad of cash can turn a friend to a foe, and justice does not always come to fruition. It's a world of sleight of hand and sly tongues...

  • EBAE
    593K 57.3K 30

    #3.6│Welcome to EBAE - the famous company that brings gorgeous fictional men to life. But for Maddie, who spends 24/7 in the company of sparkly vampires and kinky bosses, all she wants is a real man to live her happily ever after with.

  • Breathe Again
    122K 10.4K 20

    [A 2017 Wattys Award Winner] In which Hannah Jung, with the help of Xavier Park, learns to breathe again.

  • The Favoured, The Fair and Ms. Vérité Claire
    39.9K 2.9K 25

    Julia Swift is terribly sexy. Unfortunately, there's nothing she can do about it. Working as a seamstress, she hides in plain sight from a world she fears only wants to use her - that is, until she is claimed as a personal stylist and taken under sheltering wing by vivacious socialite, Verite Claire, a glamorous ecc...

  • Watered Down
    151K 6.1K 23

    **shortlisted for Wattys2017** Technically speaking, I died when I was seventeen. What should have been just another typical day out on the water with my friends, turned ugly fast when a freak storm came out of nowhere and I was thrown overboard. Had it not been for my damned dress, I could have swam to safety, but no...

  • ARC10
    81.5K 8.3K 85

    In the aftermath of the most catastrophic battle of Earth's history, the humans must retreat underground in order to salvage what's left of their civilization. It's down there that the remaining citizens form the United Regions of Earth and learn to fight the Invaders with the few resources they have left. Twen...

  • Wildlings
    51.7K 5K 64

    ✨Watty Shortlisted!✨ In Albia, the poor are scum, and there's no scum worse than Exotic immigrants. Shy, studious Sannah MaVae is determined to make something of herself, escape the expected fate of a young Exotic. It's just a shame her wild little sister Judit doesn't feel the same way. Then one day, Sannah's world c...

  • Awake | ✓
    183K 13.1K 25

    There's nothing you're forced to trust more than your own mind. You're dependent on it, it stores the memories that make up your world. But what if it could be stolen from you? Aspen's world is growing, from the boundaries of her country farm to the edges of the city. Her first year of university. It's supposed to...

    16.3K 2K 9

    There is a warrior in you. © Y.R 2017 Do not copy. All rights reserved.

  • Forever is a Place (YA Sci-fi) 🔚
    29K 2.1K 26

    Seventeen-year-old Forest Tracey and his best friend Karina are going to be left behind when the last transport to the space colony leaves, and while the economists predict governmental collapse and low crop yield, for the teenagers in Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky, the only thing they care about is hooking up, popping t...

  • The Infernal King [FEATURED]
    51.5K 5.7K 45

    ❝BUILD AN EMPIRE AND BURN IT TO THE GROUND.❞ The evening prior to the spring equinox, soothsayer and witch, Maarit Pheraios, has an earth-shattering vision regarding the future of Bonvalet. The prophecy speaks of the Infernal Prince, who takes the throne after the death of the king. It is only when King Tevenot is mur...

  • Magika || Completed✔️
    4K 609 25

    Every cape needs a magician, and every magician a cape. Or so Aldeheid was told. After countless failures culminate into an ultimatum, Aldeheid will forge his own path and embark on a journey with the mysterious Kitaya the Unwanted. Together they will traverse a realm of unforseen wonders and dangers. With every step...

  • Flesh/Bone
    251K 18.5K 46

    Two vanished. One came back.

  • In A Heartbeat
    15.1K 1.7K 35

    Life is a series of constantly moving moments that can change or end "In a Heartbeat". For Cassie Summers that beat has always been a struggle.; measured literally one beat at a time waiting for her heart to stop altogether. At 22, Cassie was supposed to have a peaceful death at home with her parents. Until she didn'...

  • After Humanity
    277K 18.1K 61

    * 2017 WATTY WINNER!* Humans are at the top of the food chain and always have been. But what if they weren't? What if another took our place and decided to raise and exploit us as we have every other animal on earth? Welcome to a world after humanity... No one is exactly certain where the sibla came from. Some sa...

  • Of Thorns and Teeth | Volume 1 Of The Fall Series
    65.2K 5.8K 79

    [ COMPLETED AND ON THE WATTYS 2017 SHORTLIST] In an era where the drums of war echo over the Northern plains, when the arrival of the next Copper Moon brings about whispers of a shadowy threat, Nell Yngram is only concerned with struggling to make ends meet. Earning a living as a Lampgirl, and having serviced the M...

  • The Purpose of Miss Shepley
    44.7K 3.2K 36

    Edith Shepley has every advantage: an education, an inheritance, the best prospects for a good match... But, unhappily, she looks like a Wyrm. Burdened by her glaringly questionable pedigree, Edith must navigate a fickle society and find a way to balance her duty to family, friends, and even the High Throne while sti...

  • Goats from Lambs
    61.3K 3.2K 32

    After bodies start showing up in the middle of the street, hollowed and headless, Detective Rashida Heyes and her partner, Travis Virgil, attempt to solve the case in what seems less and less to be a murder by man, and more and more like the cleansing of the world.

  • Annie: An Untrue Story Not-At-All Based On Real Life In Any Way
    183K 6.2K 70

    A Wattpad Featured Story. A Watty's Shortlist Winner. Winner: Greatest Story Ever (I made that one up...) You know this story. Another ordinary boy meets another ordinary girl. They fall in love, as ordinary people do. They drift along happily through life for a while. They go to school. They kiss. They...

  • Boy/Boy Problems
    31.1K 1.3K 14

    Australian Popstar Teddy King is faced with an impossible decision after his best friend Luke reveals a secret that causes people to ask Teddy questions he doesn't want to answer. Teddy doesn't know what he's going to do, but he knows his life is never going to be the same and all because of a simple tweet. A/N: Th...

  • Seeing Through the Cracks
    29.1K 1.7K 44

    Everyone knows the rules of growing up. Once you're eighteen things become clearer, childhood problems melt away, and you're ready to go out and conquer the world. You're now an adult. You can look your parents in the eye as equals. Officially, you're on your own, and now you'll only look back fondly at what you once...

  • .:The One Knight Stand:.
    292K 23.9K 109

    //2017 WATTYS SHORTLIST// WATTPAD FEATURED STORY// ❝The ties that bind a King and his Knight often develop into a sacred companionship. You can always judge the success of an empire by how in sync they are. How well they work together...❞ Blue flushed, feeling very much out of place in lush palace greenhouse...

  • After Midnight
    165K 16.3K 48

    A con-artist witch must join forces with a royal detective to solve a series of murders plaguing their kingdom. When the clock strikes twelve, you die. Tessa Daniels has enough problems without getting wrapped up in a murder. Her mother's magic shop is about to go under and the local gang wants their money. Desperate...

  • Star-Crossed
    1.4M 66.3K 42

    Violeta Fernandez's parents are dead, but she hasn't told anyone. No one knows that she lives in an illegal building in Chinatown between a brothel and an underground black market. Stuck between a world of beauty and perfection on stage as a ballet dancer, and a world of harsh truths and pain as she struggles to eat e...

  • Let's Go For A Pint (Vampire/Humor)
    14.5K 1.7K 67

    Wattys 2017 shortlist ... and WINNER!!!!! This is NOT a romance between the main character and some hunky guy. These are the adventures of vampire Lena as she lives her life from day to day alongside her human flatmate Carmen. Together they encounter human rights activists (not what you think), overly attached exes...

  • Arabian Nights | ✓
    3.7M 173K 46

    • Wattys 2017 Winner for The Originals • Blair Bakhtiar always wanted to be royalty. Zayn al-Haydar wanted to be anything but. When one fateful summer brings them together, the two discover that maybe it's not that much better on the other side... but the journey there is always full of surprises, with love being the...

  • The Star and the Ocean | Wattpad Edition
    195K 10.4K 69

    ⭐️ Winner in THE WATTYS 2017 (The Breakthroughs) ⭐️ Wattpad Fantasy Featured List: March 2017 ⭐️ Wattpad LGBT Book of the Month: March 2017 ⭐️ Completed: February 2017 ⭐️ Highest ranking in Fantasy: #23 May is an outsider seeking redemption on her island home. Em is an alluring stranger with an incredible secret...

  • The Alters
    54.6K 5.4K 32

    Winner of Watty's 2017: Newcomers Winner of the 2017 Heavenly Awards: General Fiction- 1st Place Highest raking in General Fiction- #7 ***** Ages 13+ ***** People, by definition, are complex creatures. Iya Simmons just happens to be more so. Her goals were simple: to live a peaceful life alone, with decent income, and...