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  • Meet the Kid (TF2 and Child!Reader Fanfic) ||
    91K 1.9K 31

    The red mercenaries are a little more than surprised to find a stowaway in the back of their bread truck, Looks like they're going to have a new person on the team. HIATUS status: WE'RE BACK!!!

    195K 6.7K 21

    Hello! This is my first time trying to write a story out of comfort one-shots, so please bear with me! I am well aware Ranboo is a minor, there will be no NSFW/SMUT content in this story due to that factor, also just don't sexualize real people period! - 𝐃𝐄𝐒𝐂𝐑𝐈𝐏𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍. Ranboo and I have known each other for...

  • Constellations : Journey to Treasure Planet | Book 1 |
    49.5K 1.6K 26

    You have been Jim's best friend ever since you can remember, ever since Jim's dad left and your mom died, you both have been a couple of troublemakers. One night Jim comes across a map to a place you used to read about in stories, Treasure Planet... (There will be spoilers from the movie so if you haven't seen it don'...

  • Our Treasure (Jim Hawkins x Female Reader) [COMPLETED]
    10.4K 357 12

    Working as a cabin girl on the RLS Legacy with her friend and mentor John Silver, (Y/N) wants nothing more than to reach Treasure Planet. That is, until she meets Jim Hawkins. I promise it's a lot better than it sounds, but you're going to have to trust me because I couldn't write a decent description to save my life...

  • Infinite Treasure (Treasure Planet Jim Hawkins x Reader)
    4.4K 177 17

    Adventures await anyone who is brave enough to look. Although (Y/N) believes that in her best friend Jim Hawkins' case, adventures await anyone stupid enough to look. Ever since they were little, Jim had a knack for getting into mischievous trouble, but maybe one day he will find something remarkable. Maybe one day h...

  • Jim Hawkin x Reader - Better Than I Know Myself
    14.4K 426 18

    Just then Jim stepped in, "I'm not going if she isn't." That was it, the nicest thing he's ever said to Y/n. "I'm not going if she isn't." Y/n repeated the sentence in her mind over and over. He then looked over at her and their eyes met. I do not own Treasure Planet or the characters, obviously. Amazing cver done by...

  • I'm Still Here (Jim Hawkins x Reader)!
    284K 8.8K 28

    ** COMPLETED ** Based on Movie (from friends to more) You embark on a epic adventure with your best friend Jim to find the Legend Planet; Treasure Planet. You two will become closer as time passes, and a dark secret awaits you on this journey. Will remain PG but may have some jokes or might HINT at stuff. I do nOT do...

  • Make up your mind ~ Sapnap x Reader
    42.3K 852 17

    Sapnap fell in love with y/n but she doesn't feel the same, he tries to convince her otherwise. Meanwhile y/n has to choose between two guys. He doesn't have much time, will flowers that blossom within his lungs from the Hanahaki disease end his life? !!!This story does contain some sensitive topics!!! sapnap x fem!r...

  • Girl Next Door [Ranboo x reader]
    265K 7.2K 19

    What happens when you move next door to Ranboo your favorite streamer? I don't quite know 😏 read and find out Also if ranboo ever finds this no u didnt

  • 💛 YELLOW HEARTS 💛⋉ ʀᴀɴʙᴏᴏ X ғᴇᴍ!ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ ⋊
    44.2K 1.2K 8

    ⋆ ⋆ ☾ "I'm a simp Ranboo, but I'm YOUR simp." ⋆ ⋆ ⋆ "So uh... same page?" ⋆...

  • Dream x reader: Cry Baby
    254K 4.9K 24

    ~* completedddd *~ DUDE THIS STORY IS V SHORT SO UM YEA IM SORRY I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THE COVER ART IS BY. IF ANYONE KNOWS PLEASE TELL MEEEE. ------------------------------ ((not edited)) "Shes just a friend." This story is basically just a love/ romance story between you and Clay (dream)! fair warning, this does con...

  • GAME OVER // TommyInnit x Reader
    1.5M 59.1K 34

    "You remember what I said a few months ago?" Alex asked. "About when you hit one million subscribers?" You thought for a moment, sorting through your memories. "You're going to have to be more specific." Alex smiled, sipping at her drink. "About the SMP." That jogged your memory immediately. "Wait- really?" You asked...

  • 𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐥. || ranboo x reader.
    265K 5.8K 38

    "i basically (fell) in love with you." Some of the chapters have song lyrics in it! i will address the song! no nsfw i am a minor and so is ranboo. language warning happy reading<3.

  • 3ᴀᴍ- ranboo x reader
    1.4M 47.5K 42

    ⚠️no smut⚠️ while y/n was too busy yelling at her friend angelina for not helping her fight back people in bed wars, ranboo was still considering if he should raid you or not achievements: #1 ranbooxreader #2 ranboolive #8 ranboo #13 smp #18 xreader ty for 2M!!! <3

  • unravel | dream x reader |
    1.2M 38.7K 40

    when y/n, a proud and loyal warrior for l'manburg, realises her role in this war is a lot bigger than she thought, where will she lay her priorities? a dream x (fem)reader fic 💚 (very much a slow-burn) dream smp au if dream or anyone from the smp group find this story and are uncomfortable with it, please let me kno...

  • lovely neighbour | tommyinnit
    2.6M 89.5K 44

    "I'd jump in the cadillac with you," I jokingly said. "Oh shove off," he replied as he turned away to hide his smile. u should just read the story u can click off if u happen to not like it ;)

  • Written in the Stars (Kaito Momota x Reader Fanfiction)
    31.6K 655 13

    Trapped in the school for ultimate juveniles with the paranoia of who will die first, things get complicated as 17 students are forced to participate in a killing game. Anxiety fills the reader as the days turn into months, and they don't know who will end up dead first. While taking solace in the Ultimate Astronaut...

  • eVEn moRe dANgANroNpA mEMes
    553K 14.3K 200

    guess who's back, back again with way too many memes that i had to make a second book -_- it's me, a sad danganronpa fan welP ! you guys know the drill, none of these memes are mine unless specified, credit to the owners, spoilers for dr, sdr2, udg, ndrv3, and the third anime so proceed at your own risk proceed at you...

  • sO mAnY moRe dANgANroNpA mEMes
    540K 14.9K 200

    i have returned for a thiRd time since you guys loved the first two so much so,, none of these memes are mine unless specified, credit to their creators sP0iL3rs for dr, sdr2, ndrv3, and the third anime so proceed at your own risk weLp ! onwards to battle we gO

  • More Memes Directly From Danganronpa Hell (The Second)
    353K 11.8K 101

    Hello and welcome to the my second Danganronpa meme book!!! Tbh I'm suprised the first one didn't scare you off lmaoooo... There will be course language - you have been warned. Also, I made all of these myself so please don't steal them... not that you'd want to lmao.

  • Lightning Bolt~ [Kaminari Denki x Reader]
    105K 2.9K 29

    "Hi, I'm (Y/N) and this is the story of how I first met the boy who made my heart race super fast and who turned me into a blushing mess. I get butterflies in my stomach just by seeing him. His prescence makes my day. And I think I like him? No, I love him, probably." (Y/N) wasn't that type of girl who would have a cr...

  • I'm No Extra ★ Denki X Reader★ BNHA
    193K 4.3K 28

    Y/N L/N was always treated as if she was an extra, the character no one payed attention to. She wanted to change that, she finally wanted to be seen as the Main character, she wanted power and nothing more... she would stop at nothing to achieve that. ★ Denki x reader he's so amazing and just needs a lot more appreci...

  • The Outsiders Preferences and Imagines
    200K 2.3K 51

    Requests CLOSED! sorry for the inconvenience, I've just lost touch!💔

  • Sollux x reader - Bumble Bee Bedtiime 2toriies
    1.1K 22 3

    This is a sollux x reader fluff. Yet again you find yourself staring at the ceiling of your friend and flushcrush's communal hive. Boredom leads to a movie, and a movie leads to somethin else. Homestuck fanfiction. ~Trigger warnings~ *strong language *hinting at suicide (thats never the option! Please no one try to do...

  • Stars (A Sollux x Reader) //Completed!
    33.8K 1.1K 23

    A simple Sollux x Reader fanfic where trolls and humans live together on earth! This will be one of my first fanfics, so I'll try my best to make a good impression! <3 I don't really have much planned for this fanfic, I'm mostly just experimenting, enjoy! --Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie-- --Sollux belongs to And...

  • Roommates (Roger Taylor/Queen)
    423K 16.3K 41

    'All colours are the friends of their neighbours and the lovers of their opposites.' - Marc Chagall A/N: Header pictures are not mine and belong to their original owners. Completed: February 2019 © 2016 drowseroger All Rights Reserved

    Completed   Mature
  • The Big Book Of Queen
    58.6K 3.9K 131

    A random book that just I don't know, just came to me one day. 661 in random on 11/19/16 947 in random on 12/05/16 962 in random on 12/06/16 772 in random on 12/13/16 920 in random on 12/22/16 842 in random on 12/25/16 969 in random on 12/31/16

  • Queen preferences
    382K 9.2K 96

    these are Queen Preferences Enjoy Btw: English isn't my first language.

  • Queen gif and picture imagines
    289K 7.9K 109

    I've been looking for ages to find a queen gif imagines book but I could never find any so I decided to make one myself! I hope you enjoy! This is a queen x reader book! Ps this book is about Queen only and these gifs/pictures aren't mine! Also there maybe a couple of bohemian rhapsody movie gifs aswell. Thank you...