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  • rivals in the sheets
    540K 10.8K 23

    Ethan and Lucas are rivals of opposite football teams who hate each other. What not many people know is that the two used to be very close when they were younger and it seems as if that common past might come back to haunt them, or even worse, reunite them again.

  • Pride
    825K 36.1K 36

    Only one lesson from high school is considered completely irrefutable: football players and basketball players do not get along. Jordan Wolf is the quarterback of the football team. Chase Jackson the captain of the basketball team. They're the spearheads of their school's football-basketball rivalry, constantly buttin...

  • Blair Silver
    476K 21.5K 33

    Blair Silver is the epitome of teenage cool. He's something straight out of a movie. He doesn't even seem to be on the same plane as everybody else: he's untouchable. There's nothing particularly special about Theodore Rose. He's a clumsy high school boy who adores reading. He's considered to be very prone to getting...