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  • ♡~Ticcimask Oneshots~♡
    24.1K 452 18

    This is my book of Ticcimask smut, fluff, angst, and just random ness. So enjoy~ (p.s. sorry for any bad spelling or grammar i suck.)

  • Gay Creepypasta Oneshots
    45.4K 619 29

    [ ON GOING ] This is a Yoai(boyxboy) ship! If ya don't like gay ships, or boy x boy ships or yoai ships, then this story ain't for you!! I'm changing the title to: "Gay Creepypasta Oneshots" Previous/Old Title: Gay Creepypasta Ships I do requests. Smug or fluff is allowed. The first Gay, Creepypasta, Ships are all so...

  • Creepypasta yaoi smuts
    29K 465 15

    Hello I'm Jayvi I'm going to be writing creepypasta yaoi so please contact me and give requests.????

  • CreepyPasta Yaoi Collection
    15.4K 252 22

    Just, CreepyPasta ships. 🚧🚨Trigger Warning🚨🚧 self harm, I think that's it for nowXD cover photo by yours truly ~💙 Meatball

  • Creepypasta yaoi
    2.6M 53.7K 212

    If you don't know what yaoi is it's boy on boy stories about either sex, cute scenarios, or funny moments, the first couple chapters are a tad extreme or terrible but they get balanced throughout the book

  • Harry Daniels and the Order of Shadows[HIATUS_SORRY]
    20.7K 738 28

    Harry potter was one out of two pairs of twins, one day Voldemort attacks them and his brother Charlus he is hailed hero of the wizarding world while its false, harry however is ignored after the faithful day he deafeted Voldmort. Harry potter is owned by: J.K. Rowling. While the plot a OC's are owned by: blade625 H...

  • How Would You React #2 (Creepypasta Edition)
    44.3K 1.5K 50

    Here's book #2! How would you react to some of these Creepypasta scenarios? Cover by me!

  • How would you react (creepypasta)
    33.1K 933 200

    How would you react? Commit in the commits and fallow me if you like my page! Please and thank you!

  • How Would You React #1 (Creepypasta Edition) (COMPLETED)
    226K 8.6K 204

    How would you react to some of these Creepypasta scenarios? Cover by me!

  • Creepypasta Texts
    25.7K 1.1K 27

    Come see some weird conversations the pastas have which each other. Cover by me!

  • Ship It or Rip It (Creepypasta Edition)
    67K 1.8K 145

    Who do you ship together and which ship do you just wanna rip apart? Cover by me!

  • Creepypasta Aesthetics
    30.7K 1.8K 42

    Don't really know much about aesthetics but it seems cool so why not? Cover by me!

  • 101 Things Wrong with Masky & Hoodie Fanfiction
    113K 3.1K 12


  • oneshots [zianourry]
    44.6K 720 50

    Just some Zianourry One Shots NOT MINE

  • Zianourry One-Shots
    287K 5.2K 24

    Zianourry One-Shots Mostly Niall Centric. Hopefully you enjoy because I love writing these.

  • About Stone Bees [a Marble Hornets Fan Book]
    35.4K 2.1K 200

    A fan book for Marble Hornets! Contains stupid things, Brim, a stick in the mud, the loop of unhappiness, probably gay shit and Alex, the douchebag. Oh, and maybe everything else from Marble Hornets! Edit: many short stories at the later chapters. Only one Yaoi so far. Btw, taking requests, I guess? Explained in the...

    Completed   Mature
  • NO EYES (a marble hornets story)
    5.3K 135 30

    (A marble hornets story) Description is in the intro chapter

    15K 600 64

    The true story of Masky and Hoodie and how they really act and how they came to be. None of this shy guy lover shit the fanbase made them out to be. Note: I don't own the footage I'm only spreading the word. Enjoy and watch at your own risk.

  • Spiderson and the trip
    203K 6.3K 27

    This is my obligatory field trip fic, full with stony, spidypool and peter being the avengers child

  • Irondad & Spiderson/Superfamily One Shots
    37.5K 960 12

    Just a bunch of irondad and spiderson one shots. *slow updates, unless I'm in an updating mood* COVER ARTWORK IS NOT MINE

  • Undertale: Depression
    13.1K 279 5

    Papyrus sees cuts on Sans's wrist one morning and gets worried. Could Sans be depressed? Or is someone doing this to him? Papyrus decides to confront Sans.

  • Ask/dare the evil gang! (Nightmare, Error, horror, killer, dust and cross)
    15.3K 278 61

    Ask them anything! But can it be PG please? Thx! And yes, you can ask/dare them to kiss there crush... Notice: I DONT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS! These characters belong to the people that made them! Have a great day! I

  • Daddy's Home
    6.8K 360 6

    When ink and error have one last battle against each other ink had a secret plan and decided to get a bunch of sanses together and have them help him stop error once and for all but what if someone was watching out for error knew of his fatal fate and decided to save him from it at all costs

  • Echo In The Mirror (Down To The Bone)
    784 19 4

    after blue gets tricked into going to the core and after he gets pushed in by an unknown monster 1 year later werid stuff start happening and everyone thinks it has to do with blueberry it isn't confimed until one day

  • Bad To The Bone
    2.7K 126 7

    after blue has had enough of seening his friends and everyone get hurt by nightmare and his team after trying so hard to have everyone be happy and get along he decided the only way to stop them was to become a bigger monster

  • 50 Ways To Say Goodbye
    8.6K 287 10

    when one night blue catches his boyfriend fell sans cheating on with his own brother papyrus blue becomes depressed and breaks up with fell and moves out from his and papyrus house never really talking to him again (read to find out what's gonna happen )

  • Just Remember
    23.2K 1.1K 21

    Error Sans, the Forced God of Destruction is now on risk more than ever. After a horrible attack by Nightmare's Gang, Error turned to dust. Somehow he's alive and he has someone with him to help him. That one is Destiny. He'll do anything possible to make his friends remember him. As long as "new" friend to help him.

  • Error's Other Role
    18.2K 847 25

    Error wasn't only a destroyer But he's also a Reaper. He was originally a reaper if Fate (Goddess) didn't asked for help.To keep the Balance of the Universe. You might be thinking. Then why didn't he just reap? It's because Reapers can't reap Monsters that easily. They need to die first. Error became a glitch and a re...

  • Multiverse Meltdown (Remaked)
    3K 141 3

    when one day all au Worlds disappear expect for the monsters in those worlds everyone gets stuck in the void they soon find out it's due to the files being over crowed with aus but they soon find out there might be a way to save everyone and there home

  • Growing up
    9.9K 305 5

    This story follows an emotionally and physically abused blue (swap sans) as he discovers solace in his new abilitys to travel the multiverse to get away from his current life...