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  • Humanity's 2nd
    618 96 13

    (( Because everyone else has one. )) Welcome to the book that belongs to humanity's 2nd strongest soldier.

  • Angel (Temp. Title)
    33 4 3

    A tale of a guardian angel, a reforming demon, and a little lady who doesn't seem to know what kinds of powers she has deep inside. All three seem to have a knack for getting into trouble. Welcome to Limbo.

  • Anything For the One You Love
    22.1K 725 20

    When Ayano Aishi meet the martial arts master, Budo Masuta she struggles to confess her feeling when the martial arts girl MIna, keep getting in the way. However, she will do whatever it takes when one of the most popular girls starts liking him.(Yandere-Simulator Fanfiction) (Budo Masuta x Ayano Aishi) I do not own Y...