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  • No More Wishes (Cheating!Reiner X Bertholdt Fanfic)
    3.9K 76 5

    Bertholdt doesn't really know what life is. He's come to that conclusion after Reiner, his childhood friend and now husband, began his affair months back. Inseparable as children, smitten as adults, and now broken as newlyweds. However, Bertholdt won't leave. Yes, it hurts unbearably. Yes, he can barely trust anyone a...

  • Fragile as a Flower
    1.4K 210 11

    Ayano, knowing that a murder could catch up to her one day, pays Info-Chan many favors and panty-shots to form a plan with her. Finally they make a perfect one, take him away from everyone. Make him love her. He won't have a choice. But some students will be looking for him is the only thing wrong with this. She'll ha...