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  • And They Were Roomates. (KiriTodoBaku)
    1.2M 32.6K 45

    Bakugou, Kirishima and Todoroki move in together after leaving UA. Bakugou and Kirishima walk in on Todoroki naked. Everything falls apart from there. (Or maybe pulls together?) [Includes Smut]

  • Witchery (BNHA)
    533K 23.4K 51

    Toya Bakugo is Katsuki Bakugo's younger adopted brother, his personality is vastly different from his brother. Ever since he was taken in by the Bakugo's Katsuki has made it clear the two would become the best heroes ever. With his brother beside him will the slightly oblivious boy be able to make it through the attac...

  • Alley Cat (Bnha X Male Oc)
    26K 693 4

    From notorious theif to hero in training, watch how our protagonist must adapt to the situations he seems to always get himself into. A BNHA X Male OC ~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~●~ Disclaimer, I do not own any of the pictures used in this or any videos I may add. I do not own BNHA or it's characters. I simply own my OC.

  • TodoBaku - Dragon's Riches
    315K 11.9K 30

    A prince is in search of someone to help save his kingdom, and a certain tribe leader is just that person. Fantasy AU Todoroki x Bakugo Todobaku [Completed] Warning: explicit sexual content, graphic descriptions of violence, gore, cannibalism, major character death

  • One against all ! (BNHA × male Reader)
    387K 12.4K 60

    Since your parents died after a Villian attacked your family , You're the adoptive brother of your Mothers best friends son. Bakugo Katsuki. After you were left alone they adopted you and finally you were also allowed to Join U.A after getting out of the Hospital !

  • No one said he couldn't be a villain
    236K 9.6K 17

    Just another villain Deku story... Because everyone always said he couldn't be a hero but no one said he couldn't be a villain! Now he's going to be a threat they regret creating. ------- I'm sorry I ruined his dreams and he's devastated! Edit: sorry if you think there is an update I sometimes have to do some mainten...

  • EXPERIMENT 209: DEMON (bnha x male! reader)
    300K 8.7K 45

    Warning: Boy x Boy A young boy with no memory of his past stands in front of his 'master'. They always tell him. "You've done well" or "Everything you do is right" or maybe even a "Good boy...", but what is the meaning that goes behind these words. All the boy knows is that if he hears that he won't get 'the needle'...

  • Shower Rush
    255K 6.1K 8

    It all started with a fucking shower after a fucking training.

    Completed   Mature
  • Roleplay (Tododeku)
    207K 8.2K 5

    Class A's roles are chosen at 'random', none of the students know what theirs will be, can you guess?💚❤️

  • Rise Up! (My Hero Academia × Male!OC)
    202K 5.9K 79

    "You can't do it! You're Quirkless!" Most of his life, that's all Daigo Nakamura heard. But, that didn't stop him. He had a plan to achieve the impossible. To become the first Quirkless Hero and become the best; however, he has a few setbacks in his way. Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters, images, videos...

  • The Underground
    138K 4.2K 12

    Because of his quirk, Izuku Midoriya had been abandoned by his father. His mother, who still believes him stayed by his side. Until a tragic incident happen. After that, Midoriya travel into the underground life. Doing everything he could to survive. Either stealing, fighting or even killing. After he gets caught, the...

  • Boku No Hero academia Males x Male reader
    151K 3.5K 32

    I thought the world was nice But it wasn't And being born to be able to see And be blind at the same time Was a huge mistake to god Because I wish I was blind forever Then be able to see ever again I know I have another story but this goes through season 1 before I can watch season 2 so be patient with me

  • The Thin Grey Line (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic)
    554K 24.6K 22

    The beauty of the era of quirks wasn't the amazing abilities; it was that nobody sane would even entertain the thought that Kuroko, the most wanted vigilante in all of Japan, was Quirkless. Disclaimer: This story does not belong to me. It belongs to @A_ToastToTheOutcasts on Archiveofourown, and neither of us owns Boku...

  • Motion | Boku No Hero Academia X Male!Reader
    6.9K 205 3

    You've had a hard life up to this point. With a stained past and no family, you live and learn under Eraserhead. When it's time for high school, you - a socially inept, totally cute boy - take him up on his offer to recommend you for Yuuei Academy, but you get a lot more than you bargen for when your suddenly accumu...