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  • Pride of a Granger & Prejudice of a Malfoy
    385K 13.1K 26

    According to Wizarding traditions, it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single wizard in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. When Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy agree to attend the annual Christmas Ball, neither had any inkling of such a fact or the fact that their lives are about to c...

  • Highlander's Kiss
    57.9K 2.7K 13

    Highlander's Kiss (Misty Highlands #2) A dark fog settles on the Highlands... With Scotland still reeling from the reveal of the Maxwell conspiracy, Gavin MacKenzie and Elyn MacDonald are finally ready to satisfy their racing hearts and wed. But, when a missive from the King arrives and demands the MacKenzies pay for...

  • The Passion of London [Highlander's Love #1]
    561K 25.2K 23

    HIGHEST RANKING #6 in HISTORICAL FICTION! --- For all her life, Lady Evie Verrick had been regaled of tales of the Highlands from her Highland born and bred mother. She had grown up dreaming of chivalrous knights, sword-fighting, horse back riding. Tales of kin and family, loyalty and the warmth of a home. But being b...

  • A Minx for the MacKenzie [Highlanders Love #2]
    457K 20.8K 24

    HIGHEST RANKING #6 in HISTORICAL FICTION --- Amhuinn Kincaid, exiled from the Kincaid Clan, has spent the last three years as an outcast among the Highlands. She lived alone with her brother Tamhas, and the two siblings rely on each other. However, when her brother ended up in trouble and captured by their former clan...

  • Middle Rage
    2.5K 318 13

    When a group of middle aged women realize they've become socially invisible, they band together as a FIGHT CLUB style secret order. They aren't trying to regain their visibility - why would you get rid of a frickin' super power? Their hijinks start as goofy pranks, but quickly escalate, transforming them into vigil...

  • The Northman's Last Kiss *RetitledOriginally titled 'The Northman's Bride'
    1.1M 37.2K 21

    Author Note: If you have already read my story 'The Northman's Bride', this is the same story with no changes or edits. I have written a full length novel, book 3 in my Sons of the North series and have decided to use the title 'The Northman's Bride' for it. I apologize for any confusion. What would you do with only...

  • Hot Lap! (Pause Spin-Off, Completed)
    305K 21.4K 21

    "Racing because football, baseball, bowling and golf only require one ball." ~ Anonymous *~* As an illegal street racer, he'd grown accustomed to having just about the entire female species hot on his heels. But then along came sweet Emma. ...

  • Flame
    5.7K 333 22

    "Don't go thinking you're a bad person flame, because you're not. You're full of things most girls aren't. You're full of fire" My name is Isabelle Kenna Mackenzie, and I like to play with fire. Isabelle, otherwise known as Flame for her fiery personality, is the outspoken rebel with a short temper who always seems t...

  • Azrael's Stop
    452K 5.6K 25

    They say that people go there when they're ready to die. They say Death himself is a patron. That's where the tavern gets its name. Azrael's Stop. Watering hole for the Angel of Death. But that's just rumour. Ceph doesn't trade in rumour. He just serves drinks. Except, of course, that every couple of weeks, someone di...

  • Just Drive [old version]
    630K 14.6K 23

    OLD VERSION Self-proclaimed pathetic being Sam Anderson is shocked when her ex-almost-boyfriend, Austin, comes up to her and asks her to drive him all the way across the country to California just so he can see his girlfriend. Thinking she was only getting into a quick, scenic car ride across America, she finds hersel...

  • His Smirk ||
    1.9M 22.9K 26

    PART I ---> Kale and Rein. Finally a couple. Finally happy. But with Kale nothing is that simple, and when his hot headed temper shatters two hearts in one fell swoop things are only getting started. Rein's still not used to life on the sunny side and it's abou...

  • JT's Reign (Jay Taylor - Pause)
    249K 6.5K 11

    Ever wonder what happened to him in his three-year disappearance? 'A lot, man. A lot.' ~ Jay Taylor #13 Humor

  • Racing the Limits(Limits #1) (Completed)
    9.8M 348K 27

    When Raelynn Williams moved to Georgia, she had a perfect recipe for a systematic, anonymous life. But that goes down the drain and she finds herself in tumultuous situations. All because of- One lake party. One stupid cousin. One wrong phone call. And of course-one badass racer. #2 TEENFICTION- APRIL 9, 2015. Cover b...

  • 12 Weeks, 12 Dates
    994K 41K 28

    Meet Piper Hollows. She doesn't like to go out if she has the choice not to. She has things to do and is perfectly fine being in her room on Saturday nights, with her huge pride, her many piles of books, and her sketch pad full of the stick figures she loves to doodle. Starting to notice Piper's isolation from other...

  • On Santa's Lap *Published*
    3.4M 98.1K 28

    Evelyn Monroe hated Christmas, she wasn't always like that. Even till the age of seventeen she believed that Father Christmas existed somewhere, but just before her 18th Christmas her world changed and so did her beliefs and thoughts. That's till she runs into the plaza's Santa who sported a very sexy six pack under...

  • Distracted √
    2.5M 43.2K 29

    When the "Sexiest Man Alive" reneges on his book contract, no-nonsense editor Erin Andersen is sent to rein him in. But after meeting Stephen Spence, she discovers Distraction is contagious. Before the book deal slips away, Erin has to decide between her career and her heart. Whatever she decides, she might lose both...

  • Dark Snow White (Grimmoire Series)
    217K 9.1K 29

    What if Snow White wasn't so good after all? Eleanor, the Queen of RedCrest presides over the kingdom with her son, Floran. The time since the war has been peaceful, until one day when a mysterious woman arrives on horseback, bloodied, dirtied and with an arrow embedded in her shoulder. The woman is revealed to be Sn...

  • Miss Pen
    176K 8.3K 29

    It was simple. All she had to do was sit, interview, and make notes. That’s why her boss left her in charge. Nothing could go wrong. But when the last interviewee stumbled into the office at the end of the day, Aubrey Martina found herself in a challenging position that she just couldn’t give up. Tired of people (main...

  • Blue Skye
    20.3K 686 30

    It has been three months since Caroline Hunter turned her back on the life she knew, determined to put the painful events of the past behind her. With her best friend Skye as her only link to the past, she is attempting to forget about the family she once loved and Nick Wilkins, the man who still plagues her thoughts...

  • The Only Girl in the Band
    9.2M 159K 30

    Vanessa Laine is a college student and aspiring musician. She's got the look and she's got the voice. The only thing that's stopping her is her stage fright...and an opportunity. But opportunity knocks when pop-punk band, The Velocity, holds auditions for a new lead singer at the restaurant that Vanessa works at. Gett...

  • Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board
    4.7M 128K 30

    This is the original, unedited version of Light as a Feather, Book #1. This book was the inspiration for the Hulu Original Series. The revised version is now available in bookstores throughout the USA & Canada from Simon Pulse. McKenna Brady thinks her junior year of high school is going to be the best ever when she'...

  • Peter's Little Peter
    674K 34.5K 33

    🍌🍌🍌Think Netflix's SEX EDUCATION, but without the accents, and instead of pictures and sound, I put the words on the screen, and you paint the pictures with your mind.🥒🥒🥒 *** Some guys are showers. Some guys are growers. Then there's Peter. He's got a big secret about a little problem (in his pants). But one day...

  • Promiscuous
    3M 65.5K 31

    Casey Kirkland despised monogamous, committed relationships. They never work out the way you want them to and you always end up hurt and betrayed, at least she was. Despite that fact, Casey always had an adventurous, independent streak and her choice of career as a Private Investigator reflected that. Not to mention h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Running Wide Open (Full Throttle Series #1)
    461K 5.6K 33

    Cody Everett has a temper as hot as the flashpoint of racing fuel, and it's landed him at his uncle's trailer, a last-chance home before military school. But how can he take the guy seriously when he calls himself Race, eats Twinkies for breakfast, and pals around with rednecks who drive in circles every Saturday nigh...

  • Alpha Incorporated
    90K 4.1K 34

    Lust, deception, revenge, love--all in a day's work for Isabella Measures, intern to the powerful CEO of Silicon Valley's Alpha Incorporated. But when the hot billionaire's idea of a first date crosses a line or two, Isabella finds herself caught in a tangled web of extortion, love and intrigue, leading her to discove...

  • I Can't Get Up
    256K 5.6K 36

    "I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I miss being in high school." Celeste Graham has gone from a senior in high school to a freshman in university. Unfortunately, that's not the only thing that's about to change in her life. When a snaky girl and her brother come back to her, everything is about to turn...

  • Fierce
    270K 15K 34

    Georgiana Abel is a formidable business woman and her high powered, fast paced lifestyle doesn't leave much room for romance. Luckily it's something she has no interest in. She's very clear about this with the men she gets involved with...though when their expiry date arrives, male ego makes them bitter and leaves her...

    Completed   Mature
    1M 13K 34

    Madison Banks has brilliant ideas and an Ivy League degree in Entrepreneurial Studies to go with them. But no matter how hard she tries, she fails to get lift off on her start-ups, and is constantly usurped by her arch nemesis, the arrogant Derek Rogers. When Madison attends her college classmate’s funeral, she laun...