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  • Oh no!
    32.7K 1.5K 10

    children meddling with their teachers relationship does not go well.

  • A Hot and Sexy Alpha for Arthur (UsUk)
    14.1K 764 24

    Arthur Kirkland, a 22 years old, unmated omega is the only omega in the group of Jones Publishing's top editors and because of that, is unfortunately, the butt of his hot but a jackass alpha boss' jokes. Combine that with the fact that Arthur hasn't had what he calls a "proper shag" since his slutty college days, and...

  • A Chained Rose ((USUK))
    29.2K 1.2K 17

    Arthur Kirkland was stolen from his family when he was 13. An omega forced into the dark side of the world at a young age. 10 years on from his kidnapping and a rich alpha comes along. The blonde man buys Arthur and introduces him to a different side of humanity. With the help from a young omega called Matthew and Art...

  • Zombie Love Story (usuk/ukus)
    383 30 2

    years into the zombie apocalypse 3 friend are left Alfred Mathew and Yao they trapped in there school campus with the other zombies unable to bring themselves to kill there old friends unless absolutely necessary as in life or death Alfred gets cornered by his old rival Ivan and his currently dead and zombified boyf...

  • Let Me Love You (A Cardverse!AU: USUK - Hetalia FanFiction)
    9K 534 19

    COMPLETED After being King of Spades for a year, Alfred F. Jones, is surprised by his Jack, Wang Yao, that the law states he must be married to a suitable Queen, or else he cannot continue his rule. King Alfred, begs the Elders to find him a another way - they claim that the only way for him to maintain the throne - i...

  • Soulmates (A Human!AU: USUK - Hetalia FanFiction)
    21.8K 1K 15

    COMPLETED In the year 2025, the world has finally found a state of peace - after making many pacts with the magical 'other side'. One of those pacts being, choosing a soulmate at birth. Everyone deserves to have a soulmate, and everyone deserves to find one. The Other Side has made that job simpler, by giving every ne...

  • We'll Meet Again - USUK
    77K 3.2K 13

    WW2 AU. Londoner Arthur Kirkland's pub, the Emerald Lion, is overrun by American servicemen on leave. One in particular is driving him to distraction - loud, brash fighter pilot Alfred Jones. Unable to stop it, Arthur finds himself falling for Alfred's charms - just as the pilot is preparing to leave for war. \\ I DO...

  • 50 Shades of The United States (UsUk)
    138K 6.7K 36

    Alfred F. Jones' acting career is rising, and with his new movie being filmed, he gets a new assistant named Arthur Kirkland. Before the two know it, they are in a scandalous relationship between actor and managing assistant. It's a secret relationship, and the two are having more fun with it than they'd expect. It al...

  • The New CEO
    15.4K 946 22

    USUK fanfiction. I do not own Hetalia or any of the characters. Cover art is not mine.

  • Cops and Robbers~UsUk
    10.6K 245 2

    Alfred is a robber and Arthur is police officer, and things don't go as planed for Arthur Smut or Lemon whatever you call it... This will have smut so enjoy ~♡

    Completed   Mature
  • Frisky Iggy (UsUk Lemon)
    11.8K 262 1

    WARNING: Yaoi aka Boy x Boy... LEMON... If you don't like, then don't read.. SIMPLE :D *This is my first fanfic, so please feel free to leave any helpful comments :3 other wise i hope you like it!* Arthur finally has a day to kick back and relax, but that is ruined by Alfred, who decides to stay at Arthur's for the th...

  • Shower spy (2p usuk lemon)
    51.4K 870 7

    read da title bro!

  • God's Servant~UsUk
    35.6K 1.5K 20

    Arthur was a high ranking angel in Heaven, but one day he made a mistake that cost him, Mathew, and Kiku their freedom and their hearts as three demons kidnapped them and brought them to Hell. But what will happen to them? And will Arthur learn that there's more to the demons and Alfred, the demon King then he thought?

    Completed   Mature
  • USUK :: War's Promise
    46.7K 2.3K 15

    Sweet Devil!AU War was taken out on earth between Hell and Heaven. Hell wanted a stronger, larger army and the pure to suffer. Heaven wanted to save the pure from the claws of the Devils whenever the souls of the pure were on their path to heaven. The sinners were immediately sent to hell. Alfred was pure. He was kill...

  • UsUk:: Tainted Angel
    21.3K 857 10

    Arthur Kirkland is one of the few Arch Angels left. He had been commanded by God to stay in heaven because both regular angels and arch angels were vanishing whenever they visited the people on earth to help them. Arthur hadn't left heaven in decades, and wanted just a peek at the earth. Little did he know that even a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Horrors you Face (boyxboy)
    14.3K 614 4

    England never felt the sudden need to be with someone until nightmares started occuring every night. America started to notice the changes in England and it drives him to protect the nation even with his own confusing feelings. How could this two cope up with the pace they're going through? Will they succumb or pull a...

  • Wanna Be My Queen?
    3.5K 171 4

    In which Arthur catches King Alfred's eye in the marketplace one day, and both their worlds are turned upside down. Or should I say right side up, considering the palace is on a pretty big hill and is a huge improvement from Arthur's small house in a neighborhood on the right side of Spades. Either way, Arthur now has...

  • Finally (A USUK fanfiction)
    49.4K 2.9K 24

    Arthur Kirkland is an average human. He, like everyone else, has a special necklace. It's supposed to get warmer the closest you get to the one you are destined to be with. Although, his seems... off. No matter what direction he goes in, it doesn't seem much warmer. He's about to give up on it, admit defeat and say he...

  • You're the one I'm searching for (USUK)
    37.7K 1.7K 15

    For years Alfred F Jones have lived a life that anybody could want, he has popularity, many friends and everybody adores him. But he feels that something is missing, what happens when he meets Arthur Kirkland? (hetalia fanfiction) FINISHED!!!

  • He's Just a Friend ((USUK))
    157K 7.9K 42

    "Excuse me!" A loud obnoxious voice says from behind Arthur. The omega jumps in surprise quickly spinning around. "I'm so sorry sir! What would you like to order today?" Arthur exclaims apologetically. He looks up making eye contact with bright sapphire blue eyes. The alpha grins, his blue eyes somehow getting bluer a...

  • Ok. He's More Then a Friend ((USUK))
    70.6K 3.9K 39

    Seqeul to 'He's Just a Friend ((USUK))' Three months into Arthur and Alfred's relationship everything seems to be fine. Yet as different people they know start to age and move on with their lives, how will the pair react? Their relationship is pushed to the max after Arthur runs into certain individuals. Will they ma...

  • Of Magic USUK
    39.6K 1.8K 15

    Arthur Kirkland, a 16 year old Slytherin student at Hogwarts, has a dark secret. Keeping this secret has been relatively easy, but when his longtime crush, Alfred F. Jones (a proud and obnoxious Gryffindor) starts looking into something that will inevitably lead him back to Arthur, he may have to resort to drastic mea...

  • Prisoner 11201
    41.9K 1.7K 16

    Police!England x Prisoner!America Art does not belong to me, it belongs to its owner. Arthur Kirkland was an ordinary cop on duty. Then prisoner 11201 arrives, and everything gets out of hand. ....just a little bit~

  • A Demon and His Brit. ((Demon!America x Human!England.))
    59.2K 1.8K 34

    Alfred (America) A Demon, Goes to the human world to claim a soul. What he didnt know was that this encounter with a brit, Arthur (england), would change his fate.

  • Enchanted Forest [ UsUk ]
    15.5K 777 16

    Deep in England lies a magical forest. A forest where magical creatures can live in peace and in a natural way of life. Arthur is a young bunny hybrid. He's lonely because he isn't allowed to leave the fields, his home. Until he meets the young werewolf Alfred. ____________ Disclaimer: I do not own Hetalia, the cove...