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  • MMD Nyo!Animators (Gakuen AU)
    326 22 10

    Just genderbent friends!

  • Zombie Love Story (usuk/ukus)
    383 30 2

    years into the zombie apocalypse 3 friend are left Alfred Mathew and Yao they trapped in there school campus with the other zombies unable to bring themselves to kill there old friends unless absolutely necessary as in life or death Alfred gets cornered by his old rival Ivan and his currently dead and zombified boyf...

  • I Spy (You)
    568 35 5

    After a heartbreaking departure Alfred and Arthur part ways after highschool, two best friends who hold more than one secret from each other. A year later, Alfred loses his memory due to a accident(?). Another year, Alfred gains most of his memory, expect for his teenage years. He soons finds himself in London where...

  • Nightmares
    500 17 1

    Here it is, Levi Jones. Proud yet? Original vid: Creator: Levi Jones Song: Mama Hates You {By CK9C} All credit to their original owners.

  • Mama Hates You- Hetalia x Tattletail Crossover
    1.2K 44 1

    I do not own Hetalia or Tattletail. This is based on an MMD by Levi Jones, and a song made by Chaotic Canine Culture. Everything belongs to it's respective owners.

  • Do you?
    551 26 4

    England and Devil!England based off of Levi jone's animation ^-^

  • MMD Animators
    1.9K 36 20

    Idk, felt like they needed one. Read if you love Hetalia Animators on YouTube. If you have no idea who they are. read and you'll find links to them.