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  • "Your Time Is..." (Clockwork x Female Reader)(no Longer Being Worked On)
    70.1K 1.5K 32

    (Y/N)'s life was nice, she had no father, her mother was nice to her but the mirols on the wall, really a shocker... - - - NO LONGER BEING WORKED ON - - - It IS left off on a cliff hanger and I don't intend to finish the story any time soon (or ever) I don't want to dissapointed any new readers but feel free to read i...

  • overwatch x reader oneshots (Closed)
    195K 2.8K 42

    i know there are a lot of these but i am in love with this game. so i will take requests with any of the character. just look at the rules before you request. thanks fudge temporary hiatus for requests (because i have been lazy and got behind on requests. DX)

  • MGE x Reader One-shots [Completed] OLD
    323K 3.3K 28

    This book is completed and if you liked the content here, there's a new one-shot book out just look at my profile and you'll find it.

    Completed   Mature
  • NyoTalia | Fem Russia x Fem Reader
    1.2K 37 5

    You were out for a drink and you meet the love of your life? Will it be a blessing or a curse? (I do not own Hetalia only the story line ) ( I don't own the cover here's the link to the picture on deviant a

  • Little Stray: Hetalia x Kitten!M!Reader
    12.7K 384 5

    Little one-shots where you, the male reader, is a little stray kitten. You're looking for a loving home. Which country will be your owner?

  • Killua x Reader One-Shots
    130K 2.4K 41

    A few one-shots for the adorable, lil assassin. That's all I got.(^ω^) Also the first few are a little rough, but they get better I promise I'm currently trying to write more LGBTQ+ chapters, so feel free to stop by! You can request, but I don't do lemons (I own nothing but the plots)

  • The impossible is possible ( no game no life reader insert)
    96.1K 2.3K 13

    Y/n. shiro. sora. theses are the names of the best three online game players in the world. they can play against anyone and be able to beat them in the most impossible way possible. they can make the impossible possible. they can even beat hackers and even cheaters at any game even their own. but one thing the world...

  • Male soldier reader x Ruby rose(cringe alert)
    30.7K 240 21

    What happens when a solder from earth teleports into the world of RWBY Read to find out Hey if you read this book and desc i am making it a Ruby rose x male reader Heads up:i added some physics from COD black ops 2/1/3 Mainly black ops 2