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  • The life of Deidara's hands.
    5K 157 7

    Hey it's tough being a ninja hand. Some hand x hand lemon

  • Kisame x Itachi "Dangerous Love" (Mature)
    15.8K 503 10

    * MATURE: CONTAINS LEMON, VIOLENCE, DRUGS, AND OTHER ADULT CONTENT* Kisame Hoshigaki is a thug living in the Hidden Mist City with his gang. The gang involves drug dealing, murder, prostitution, and stealing. But one typical day in the city, Kisame and his members, Kakuzu, Killer bee, and Fuguki find a pretty young ma...

  • Tobi's Diary
    187K 8.1K 58

    Hello! I'm Tobi and Tobi is a good boy!!! Who are you? What's your name? Helloooo?? Do you like sweets? HELLOOOO???? Tobi:Deidara-senpai, why is my diary not anwering me? Deidara: *facepalms*

  • Deidara's Diary
    605K 35K 90

    Deidara gets to know the other members of Akatsuki and writes about it in his diary. Crack fic. Plotless, don't go looking for one.

  • (Itachi X Kisame) "When I Go"
    36K 1.1K 9

    Itachi hides his plans from everyone in the Akatsuki. Kisame notices Itachi acting different. Itachi and Kisame have feelings for each other, but Itachi's plan causes him to seek something from Kisame. Will they both confess and love each other? (YAOI AND LEMON)

  • "Touch It" Kisame X Itachi LEMON Fanfic
    12.8K 224 3

    *WARNING: LEMON. SEXUAL. VIOLENT. ANGSTY. FIGHTING. MATURE CONTENT. READ AT YOUR RISK. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.* ------------------ Kisame Hoshigaki feared as the "scurrage of the mist." And Itachi Uchiha known as the "clan killer." Both high level S-rank criminals listed prominently in the Bingo Book. But what many shin...