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  • Multiverse
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    {multiverse (n.) ˈmʌltɪvəːs' a hypothetical space or realm consisting of a number of universes, of which our own universe is only one.} "he let her use him like a rag doll, left over after being toyed." Poems just for fun, no frequent updates. {trigger warnings} Copyrighted by @RemovePackaging

  • Meaning to Mind
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    A book about self-discovery and exploration of what it means to be human. See what readers think of "Meaning to Mind": "That was so good! It's also so relatable! We all question ourselves at some point in our life, this just felt so raw and real. I loved it." -MeltedSmoores "What a lovely start to your collection of p...

  • The Ballad of My Heartstrings
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    "here plays the melancholy tune my heartstrings resonate as i caress them with the words i long to say" [#76 on 16/02]

  • THE GIRL AND HER BOY; original
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    There once was a girl, and this girl had a boy. They may have agreed that they belonged only to themselves, but their hearts belonged to each other.

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    There is a warrior in you. © Y.R, 2016.

  • Like Hurricanes
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    After failing sophomore year, Pietro Rossi is terrified, separated from his friends and lost - until he finds Noemi Defelice, and ultimately, himself. ***** 16-year-old Pietro, "Pit", is the goofy idiot who hangs out with the hard-partying, popular...

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    to the boy who wanted nonfiction but who I gave poetry to. these are poems I never gave to you. All rights reserved © 2017 immortalitatis- cover by my lovely friend @hurtcopain

  • Misfits | ✓
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    about them who decided to lose pieces of themselves just to fit in. © 2016 mxttdaddyrio #thepeopleofsociety

  • { 光 } ━ 𝗍𝗁𝖾 𝟣𝟩𝗍𝗁 𝗒𝖾𝖺𝗋 ( fin )
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    she had hoped to know who she was when blowing out her seventeen candles Ⓒ 2017, shoobari. All Rights Reserved sigh, ok : #26 [ 06 | 29 | 17 ]

  • Nostalgia
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    (HR #15) A line. A phrase. One little prayer. One moment captured through the lens of time. A wish made upon a star. Seeing the world through the eyes of a teenager. Love From My Readers : @TwoSpoonfulsOfSugar ⏩ohmygawd! I am crying! It's so beautiful... I will write on my will to have this up on my gravestone :") <...

  • F R O M D U S K, T O D A W N.
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    A collection of nocturnal thoughts. Powered by overthinking. Sparked by heart-break. ( thank you for reading ! 🌷)

  • G A R D E N S W I T H I N U S
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    Through the language of flowers here are poems of love and loss, friendship and trust, innocence and hurt. we all have gardens within us that tell more stories than our mouths can, where each person is a flower forever blooming. -h/l (🌷) T h a n k Y o u f o r r e a d i n g !