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  • ✩ 𝒮𝓉𝒶𝓇 𝑀𝓊𝓈𝒾𝒸 【𝓚𝓲𝓻𝓲𝓜𝓲𝓷𝓪】 ✩
    17.5K 474 12

    "why do I always hear that song every time I look at her?" * Art on cover not mine! * * BnHA/MHA belongs to Horikoshi! *

  • Boku no Hero Academia HeadCannons
    41.5K 1.6K 34

    basically headcannons i thought for each character i find interesting. Remember this is from my head and who knows maybe others have the same. #301 in random

  • Bnha Crack Book
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    Come here looking for Bnha crack books or your just looking here cause your bored??? Well me too. ➫User formerly known as SpottedStar_ ➫Started: July 12th, 2017 ➫Ended: August 19th, 2017

  • Hyouka Fanfiction (ChitandaXOreki)
    12.7K 343 12

    After going in the doll parade, Oreki found out something weird about himself. When he sees Chitanda, he suddenly freaks out and blushed. He don't know what is it feeling... And Chitanda suddenly pops out when he thinks to solve problems. He didn't know what to do. Will Oreki develop feelings for Chitanda? Will he kno...

  • Cotton Candy Matchmaker
    29.4K 769 13

    Mina Ashido has been a social person for as long as she could remember. Now, when she senses a growing unease and animosity between her classmates due to romantic feelings, she takes it upon herself to become 1-A's official matchmaker. But will she be able to focus through Hanta Sero's unusually romantic advances? And...

  • A Sight to Behold (Hoennshipping)
    139 2 1

    This story contains lemon (Sexual and inappropriate stuff). I'll try to get a new part every stuff and if I get good reactions I might make a sequel maybe... Summary: A 16 yr Old Brendan just moved from Jhoto to Hoenn to a small town called littleroot , got his first pokemon, met a new friend or more and many more on...

  • Promise
    8.2K 252 13

    He can't sleep. Maybe it's because the boy is bathed in thick, fat covers. Yeah-- it's the heat. He's too hot, that's it. Brendan sighs aloud. He can't keep lying to himself. He knows it's not the heat. He's missing something. Someone... May. His heart sinks every time he thinks of her. Yet, he still finds himself pe...

  • Prince Charming [HoennShipping]
    15.7K 492 13

    In which, Brendan joins the Theatre Arts club and supposedly meets the love of his life- or, at least that's what his script says. [Modern Day, Short, Pokemon not mine] Began: May 7th, 2016 Completed:

  • But y tho
    171 9 8

    I'll document some things like classroom shenanigans here and I don't think I'll update this that much so go help me find a corner to exist in pls Suggestions come from both @28252-C and @OC_Trash

  • Starlight Awards 💥
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    Have few reads and votes in your book? Is the book awesome? Sign your book to Statlight awards for a chance to win!! Ranking - #165 in awards (31/05/2018)

  • artsyTrashpile's Trash Book
    4.4K 297 163

    there's gonna be a lot of trash here cause this is basically my diary so yeah maybe you shouldn't read it but i don't really care about your decision

  • Classroom Shenanigans, Lollygagging, and Whatnot | Based on True Stories
    552 24 12

    Join Chloe and many more ""exciting"" characters (well, not entirely) as she goes through high school. What crazy adventures do you think she'll experience? -- Idea by @itsyalocalnootnoot Edited by @LegitAVH Cover made with Adobe Spark