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  • TheAuroraAwards 2019
    2.3K 146 6

    Status: Open () Closed (🌌) Judging (🌌) Here at TheAuroraAwards, everyone's book has a chance to get the recognition it deserves. Submit your books for a chance to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd place and receive amazing prizes. Highest Ranks: #1 | Awards #1 | Contest #1 | Wattpad Contest #1 | Book Contest #1 | 2019 Awards G...

  • WattZombie Contests
    8.3K 494 40

    Contests and challenges for all-things zombie!

  • Contests & Challenges
    27.8K 961 29

    Challenge yourself to write something new and discover other centuries with our contests!

  • Science Fiction Contests
    1.6K 44 17

    Where you can find information about all the Science Fiction contests running on ambassador-managed profiles. Most recently-live contests are in the earliest chapters.

  • Fantasy Contests
    2.9K 82 8

    Where you can find information about all the Fantasy contests running on ambassador-managed profiles. Most recently-live contests are in the earliest chapters.

  • Writing Contests
    5.5K 203 10

    Hello, wonderful Wattpadians! So glad you have stumbled upon this series of competitions. This is a writing competition with winners, prizes, places, and a chance to show off your creativity and stories! More information inside. Hope you join!

  • The Lotus Awards 2019 CLOSED
    9K 411 19

    Welcome to The Lotus Awards!! Are you excited? You should be! This is an awards for all undiscovered gems to get... well discovered! So step right in and see if you qualify. You definitely don't want to pass up this chance to get your book out there! We are also in need of judges, so even if you don't want to submit a...

  • Contests
    445K 7.7K 18

    This is where you can find details of contests currently running on Wattpad both directly by us, and by our wonderful Community profiles. Some will have prizes, some will be specific to countries or genres or themes, some will simply showcase your work on a wonderful reading list. But all our contests will get you thi...

  • The Eye Catching Awards [closed]
    13.3K 899 37

    [] open [x] closed [x] judging

  • K.G. Summer Season Awards 2019
    10K 1.5K 13

    ♥OPEN for judges and participants♥ -Fantasy, teenfic, poetry, fanfiction, vampire/werewolf and romance are full!!! P.S. if your book is suitable for any other genre, then submit there. A huge Summer Award for all the undiscovered authors. Here the brightest stars are produced *wink, wink* Enter and become a Super Summ...

  • The Midnight Coffee Awards 2019 [CLOSED]
    9.4K 800 37

    Open () Judging (✔️) Closed (✔️) Re-open For Entries ()

  • Avengers Book Club OPEN
    117 28 9

    Welcome to the Avengers Book Club! Is your book below 5kreads? Do you have a catchy, fresh, yet undiscovered books? Do you want your book to be read in style? Are you willing to take up serious reading tasks and fulfil missions in a short time, and become a full book Avenger of the club? Hop in Do you have an eye f...

  • The Caramel Awards 2019
    3.3K 229 11

    Hey there! Welcome to The Caramel Awards. Not getting enough reads? Votes? Comments? Or you feel your well-written works aren't getting the recognition they deserve? Then trust us, you've come to the right place.

  • The Gemstone Awards [ CLOSED ]
    1K 113 9

    our first competition book.. read more to find out how to enter! CLOSED FOR JUDGING

  • Majestic Inc Book Club [OPEN]
    9.5K 927 40

    OPEN TO ALL GENRES! Welcome to Majestic Inc Book Club where RARE GEMS ARE DISCOVERED! This is a book club for all the stories that don't get the exposure they need. Your book is great but has little or no exposure? Then this is for you. We have Reviewers/Editors who would review your book once you sign up. Our goal i...

  • IC AWARDS 2019 - 20
    4.1K 509 9

    ❝you will get what you deserve.❞

  • The Pen and Ink Awards (WINNERS ANNOUNCED - Third Bi-Annual Contest)
    12.3K 160 14

    Do you want to be a recognized author? Have you always wanted to enter your work in a contest? Is it time for you take a risk in your writing? Be brave, be bold, and submit in to The Pen and Ink Awards! We have successfully run two full contests and five mini-contests. All rules, requirements, restrictions, and prize...

  • The CommunityHub Awards
    3.1K 199 5

    The @CommunityHub awards, where you get to nominate your favourite stories across a vast array of genres and categories. So come on in, get involved, and go nuts!

  • Fabulous Award 2019 (Judging)
    17.5K 1.1K 37

    💓💓💓 Fabulous Award 2019 are officially open! Are you an undiscovered writer well then I assure you- you're at the right place (💓) Open (💓) Judging ( ) Closed .

  • The Creative Cappuccino Awards
    6.3K 514 23

    Hello everyone and welcome to The Reading Café's latest Awards show! This is an awards contest to showcase writing talent of many genres. Here you will find amazing new stories and meet other authors with the same interests. Come on in!

  • Open Novella Contest II
    154K 8.1K 23

    It's back! The second instalment of this highly anticipated writing event brings your favourite Ambassador profiles together to host a contest of truly epic proportions.

  • The Jupiter Awards 2019 √
    8.9K 495 12

    { Open } CLOSING ON DECEMBER 1, 2019 Couldn't figure out another name. Like it? Anyway, you can have any kind of book to enter these awards. All rules, prizes, and other such things will be in the book. Good luck to you all.

  • The Plasma Awards! (CLOSED)
    5.2K 457 29

    Here at The Plasma Awards, we believe that all it takes to make a good book is a spark! And everyone on this amazing app is sure to have that spark of imagination. So, do you think your story is not getting the credit it deserves? Well, enter this competition and let us read your story! For any further information, pl...

  • The Spring Awards 2019
    3.5K 234 15

    Here's is the second ever The Spring Awards coming your way !! SO hold tight for another enjoyable and fun ride! Shifted from @StarShades03

  • Black And Gold Awards 2019 (Close)
    6.8K 497 29

    (Closed) Welcome to the first Black and Gold Leaf Awards!!. Here you can get feedback for your amazing work, so if you are looking for recognition and feedback on your work then sign up now.!!! We accept any and all genres, LGBTQ+ and Mature are welcome. :) Owned by: @TheScarletBlood. Co-owned by: @Anon_Star. Open...

  • Fallen Angel Awards (Spring-Summer) 2019
    1.7K 194 28

    Welcome to the Spring-Summer Fallen Angel Awards! Hurry before all spots are gone! Lots of prices, many genres, and lots of fun! Ending September 20th 2019!

  • Bookfunreaders Awards 2019
    3.8K 484 12

    We exist to help enrich the Wattpad Community through reaching out to authors, with the intent of advising & improving; and being a team that encourages reading within the Wattpad Community.

  • inkedgem Awards!! [Open]
    14.1K 1.1K 14

    Inkedgem is an awards book set up to help those undiscovered writers here in wattpad! we are writers like you, all we want to do is to help you succeed! join us now and let's help you shine!

  • The Extraordinary Awards
    4.8K 405 37

    Open { Judging { Closed {×} An awards where we are looking for the people who are the hidden authors of some extraordinary books on wattpad!! Read the book to know more.

  • The Open Earth Awards
    6.6K 696 42

    Welcome to the first ever Open Earth Awards 2019! STATUS: JUDGING 💎 Closed 💎 Inside, you will find: - Details of the awards! - Prizes to be won. - Mini internal contests! - Entry Forms (Participant and Judges) - Award Stickers! Cover by: @Fan_girl_07 ♡