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  • The Games ~ Book 1 ~ (The 100/Bellarke)
    457K 17.5K 102

    "Today they would gather all of the prisoners of the ark and choose twenty-eight lucky individuals that would be sent down to earth to fight each other. Then granting the victor immunity for their crimes." What will happen when the characters of The 100 are placed into a contest that simbolizes The Hunger Games? What...

  • 2199 - Rising from the Ashes
    571 24 5

    This book is my prediction for Season 5 of The100 (with a little more Bellarke in it since I ship it hard!) All the characters and the pre-story belongs to Kass Morgan! I do not own any.

  • Reunion
    146K 4.2K 47

    This story is set after Season 4 of The 100 as Clarke and her friends reunite. *I do not own The 100 and in no way am I trying to take anything from it. This is more of my interpretation of Bellamy and Clarke's relationship and almost a prediction, if you will, of what Season 5 will be like. **I do not own the cover a...

  • Lost in the stars --After "Praimfaya"
    2.2K 83 7

    After Clarke sees the ship launch and praimfaya is coming she needs to hurry, does she make it in time and what happens with the bunker, does it become Ark 2.0 or does Octavia find other rules. And the spaceship is the ark still intact and do they have enough time?