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  • [ON HOLD] Starting Over [Nick Groff Fanfic]
    5.7K 244 17

    "Don't move. Or I'll put a hole through you." A voice spoke. His heart sank into his stomach, after all this he was going to be shot in the middle of nowhere. All whilst looking for a chance of warmth and safety for the night. "Turn around." "Don't move or turn around?" He asked not caring about the sound of cockiness...

  • My One and Only (A Nick Groff Fanfiction)
    30.6K 1K 62

    Saige is a young photographer who gets a call to join the Ghost Adventures crew. After having her heartbroken she leaves and starts following her dreams. She starts by moving to a city she adores. Soon she falls head over heels for another paranormal investigator and former Ghost Adventures crew member..

    Completed   Mature
  • Poveglia Island (GAC Story)
    1.1K 62 18

    Venice, Italy. One of the most beautiful places to go on vacation. Whether it's to relax, go shopping, or just sightseeing. Everyone is all smiles and chill, completely having a good time. But there's another side to this city, a more darker, more brutal, more frightening side. An island sits in the ocean, abandoned f...

    Completed   Mature
  • Return to Hell (GAC Story)
    790 51 17

    SEQUEL TO POVEGLIA ISLAND They've dealt with the worst at Poveglia Island. From demonic voices, to possessions, leading to a death of their own that left Zak completely broken. Or so they thought... Aaron has seen the unthinkable in the news, something he thought would never happen. Their group member, and also close...

    Completed   Mature
  • Nick Groff X Reader | A Ghost Adventures love story!
    9.2K 296 32

    Nicole Davis, an old friend of the ghost adventure's crew, moves back to Las Vegas, and reunites with her great friends, she might even grow a stronger bond with a certain someone.

  • Waverly Hills (GAC Story)
    165 9 10

    After their first time investigating Waverly Hills Sanitorium..the Ghost Adventures Crew has a need to go back there. This place has so much death from a tuberculosis epidemic..but it still won't stop them from returning. With voices from the past, to shadow figures, they are determined to capture that and more. But t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Zak Bagans And The Fan Fiction Writer
    3.2K 189 12

    What happens when Zak Bagans discovers that fans write fan fiction about him, and he meets one of those writers.

  • Promise Me This
    374 30 4

    SEQUEL TO "It Started With a Friendship" Lisa has been living in Vegas now for a few months, of course, she has not gotten used to how busy it is , she has also run into trouble but will the person she wants her to help out will do? or will she have to do it all herself

  • A Face from the Past - Ghost Adventures Fanfiction.
    899 76 15

    Finally . Eight hours trapped on a tiny tin can with the smell of stale sweat and airline food and I had finally arrived in Nevada. It was already too hot for my liking. Being British I wasn't usually accustomed to the hot American weather. Enough complaining! At least you're here! I thought to myself. My first fic...

  • ~ Lockdown With The GAC ~
    49 5 1

    The title says it all❤❤

  • Love You Like That
    342 23 4

    Teenage Nick Groff, Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin, Billy Tolley, and Jay Wasley AU where: Zak is actually popular and best friends with Aaron, Billy, and Jay Nick is not popular and is the new kid

  • Love is Real
    6.8K 229 10

    Alexus Groff is the sister of famous Nick Groff of the Ghost Adventures Crew. But, there is just one flaw in Alex's perfect life. Zak Bagans likes her. Alex doesn't share his feelings, but Zak doesn't give up so easily. When they are deciding on where to go next, Alex proposes The Old McEwen Mansion in Pittsburgh, PA...

  • The Only One (Nick Groff Fanfic) [Sequel to MOaO]
    13.2K 463 58

    Saige, Nick and the Ghost Adventures crew are back!

    Completed   Mature
  • It Started With A Friendship #Wattys2016
    3.8K 233 26

    Lisa is just a ordinary girl who lives in Boston with her sister Sophia and is a good friend with a Paranormal Investigator Nick Groff. They met at college Sophia is a few years older than me as I'm still going through college.

    Completed   Mature
  • Forgotten Flame
    88.9K 3.2K 62

    Zak, lead investigator of Ghost Adventures, has had his fair share of women over time. From models, singers and even an ex playboy bunny. With fast cars, a museum of oddities and haunted possessions, a big house, a TV career and money, the ladies man has failed to find the one thing he is missing, his soul mate. Proc...

    Completed   Mature
  • GA/Para-Lock
    203 3 3

    This one is a little different. People will do ones like Aaron/Zak, Zak/Nick, Aaron/ Katrina and so on. But this one is different because this is Nick/Katrina. (I decided to switch up a bit.) Nick's wife divorces him and he goes to live on his own. After completing another 72 hour investigation, Nick gets a call from...

  • The Ghost Man:The War of Her Two Halfs (Sequel)
    5.6K 170 18

    Zak and Natilie are married,working together as the two lead investigators of G.A.C,and are expecting a baby...or two. The only problem is that Natilie was turned into a vampire by the Prince of Darkness himself and a demon by a jealous dead mobster,and now Natilie fear her unborn child may be cursed too. Will Zak be...

  • Ghost Adventures/Paranormal Lockdown
    441 17 3

    After leaving Ghost Adventures, Nick Groff starts his own show called Paranormal Lockdown. But while investigating a psychiatric hospital, Zak hears a noise and investigates it. He find a battered and bruised Nick and takes him to the hospital. Zak has loved Nick for years, but never told him. Could this encounter get...

  • The Original and the Ghost Hunter (Slow updates.)
    341 3 4

    The Mikealson's sister is the first of many things: Witch, Vampire, Werewolf, Ripper, and Paranormal Investigator. What will happen when she meets Zak, Nick, Aaron, Billy, and Jay of the Ghost Adventures Crew? Will the Original Paranormal Investigator be able to control her ripper side? Find Out.

  • Dressed In Black
    18K 626 41

    "You are the best person I've ever had in my life." "You're the best in mine." ~~ Allison's life is better than she could have asked for, considering her difficult past. She's got a boyfriend of three years, works on a ghost hunting television show with her best friend, Zak Bagans, and has gotten over a lot of old i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Only Human [Zak Bagans Fanfic].
    26.6K 586 18

    Aurora dreams of Zak only to meet his as she waitresses in a Las Vegas casino. With her 'gift' to see the Supernatural, Zak asks her to venture on some Ghost Adventures locations... but is lust bad for business?

  • Sleep With One Eye Open (Zak Bagans)
    2.6K 105 9

    Small little stories about a dark figure, going by the name of Zak, who haunts your dreams each night.

  • Dying Embers (Ghost Adventures Nick Groff Aaron Goodwin and Zak Bagans)
    59.7K 1.7K 51

    A Ghost Adventures with unexpected twists and new romance Fanfiction.With Nick Groff, Aaron Goodwin and Zak Bagans.

  • Dark Salvation (Ghost Adventures)
    130K 3.1K 27

    (Book 1) Luna Storm, the perfect ghost hunting machine. Raised by concerning parents, Luna set off to discover what true paranormal is. She has dedicated her life to find paranormal evidence, including her college experiences at Harper, but what happens when the Ghost Adventures crew comes to her small Montana town? A...

  • Love Triangle (Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans, Aaron Goodwin,Nick Groff FanFiction)
    96 2 2

    Daisy wins an experience of a lifetime, but it seems she has gotten into more than she can handle with ghosts AND lovers. She remains in this spiritual love triangle, connected to each of the three members of the Ghost Adventures Crew all in different ways. It seems that the spirits have put her in mysterious connecti...

  • How to Bewitch a Ghost Hunter | Ghost Adventure Nick Groff, Zak Bagans
    23.7K 692 27

    Evie life is finally on track. She has a decent job in NYC, a nice apartment, a couple roommates and a quirky best friend. Until one night she has a strange encounter with a ghost with an ominous message for her. Looking for answers she turns to the internet where she meets Nick. A sinfully attractive ghost hunt...

  • It's Hard to Make it Look Easy
    24.9K 649 27

    Breanna has had her heart broken for a while now, but when she meets the Ghost Adventures Crew,Zak, Nick and Aaron, will they be able to fix her broken heart? COMPLETE! {Sequel up "Love You Through It"}

  • Love You Through It
    497 15 3

    Bri and Billy have been happily married for 2 years. They have a three year old daughter named Ashley, three dogs, three best friends (Zak, Nick and Aaron), and an amazing job. Sure working with the Ghost Adventures crew is wonderful but what happens when the job starts following them home? Sequel to 'It's Hard to Mak...

  • Deer in the headlights (Zak Bagans story)
    14K 480 30

    WARNING: contains some explicit language and sexual reference. (Strong adult content) (The lost episode) A young farm owner finds herself knee deep in business and later finds herself knee deep in love with a member of the American film crew, Ghost Adventures. But not everyone agrees with the relationship... please vo...

    Completed   Mature