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  • chicago ➻ lip gallagher
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    'he set fire to the world around him but never let a flame touch her' [Shameless] [Lip Gallagher] [mature content] ©-gothamfairy

  • Never Fall In Love With A Gallagher // Lip Gallagher Fanfiction
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    "I've always loved you, you know? Even when it hurt, even when it was wrong. I always loved you." Lip's childhood best friend is back from the Northside. Most people want to get out of the Southside but not River. She wants to come back, for good. I do not own any of the original Shameless characters, just my own. N...

  • SMOKE - Lip Gallagher [1]
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    "I don't think you understand what you put people through Lip." Two friends, fighting the battle of the south side together. Drinking and smoking was their thing, sex was his and art was hers. Together they were magic but the pain they put each other through, could either break them or seal them together for life. [sh...

  • Love and Other Drugs 。 Lip Gallagher
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    LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS. ❝ We're that extra special Gallager kinda' fucked up ❞ Lip Gallagher/ Shameless fanfiction Season 6 & 8 © lookingforlucy 2016 Cover by @Emvlia

  • Shameless
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    "Your new to town" "Yeah" "K fuck off"

  • house ↬ lip gallagher
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    in which a boy falls in love with his best friend and gets her pregnant © 2016 CB. All Rights Reserved

  • Wonder: Lip Gallagher✓
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    won·der ˈwəndər/Submit noun 1. a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable. Lone Book in the Fawn Garrett series. Short Story Unedited and shitty af. Started: February 1st, 2016 Finished: March 14th, 2016

    Completed   Mature
  • trouble | i.g
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    "and in the end, we were all just humans, drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness."

  • Cashed » Lip Gallagher [2]
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    "I wish there was more to you and I, like we could be an us, and every hurt we ever knew could be buried in our before." -j. iron word {Shameless fanfiction/Lip Gallagher} {Book 2} ©nostalgicmelodyy

  • You and I » Lip Gallagher [1] {EDITING}
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    "Loving him hurt. Whether I was loving him as an enemy, as a friend, or as a lover. Loving him hurt. But I'd do it all over again if it meant being with him." {Shameless fanfiction/Lip Gallagher} {Book 1}. ©-peachykeen

  • Expectations || Ian Gallagher
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    There's only one rule to life; Expect the unexpected. "Ian... What are you doing?" "Like I said, I see what I want and I take it." he licked his lower lip, "And I want you... bet you didn't expect that, did ya?" All rights reserved 2016-2018. I do not own shameless or any of its characters or storylines, however I do...

  • New Perspective ミ Ian Gallagher
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    DISCONTINUED "You can't fix me 'cause I'm not broken, I don't need to be fixed okay, I'm me" 16 year old Arabella Peppers moved to Chicago with her three brothers, sister, and parents. Arabella has a brain tumor. She soon encounters Ian Gallagher, a boy who lives across from her. "It's funny how the sick ended up lo...

  • Tear In My Heart▷ Lip Gallagher
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    A new girl comes to Chicago after coming from Manchester. She caught the eye of Philip Gallagher. Follow her and Gallaghers and Mlkovich family others crazy story.

  • The New Beginning // Ian Gallagher
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    This south side girl was bullied because of her weight. She decided to move away until she was happy. She soon captures the attention of a certain red headed Gallagher brother when she returns. (I know that Ian is gay in the show, but for the sake of the fanfiction he will be straight. I have nothing against gay peop...

  • Rings Of Pleasure ↬ Lip Gallagher
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    He's like a drug you can't get enough of him. ⚠️ WARNING⚠️ STRONG LANGUAGE IS INVOLVED AND SEXUAL CONTENT MAYBE ?

  • Unrequited Girl//Lip Gallagher
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    Unrequited Love: Is love that is not openly reciprocated or understood as such by the beloved. The beloved may not be aware of the admirer's deep and strong romantic affection, or may consciously reject it. -starts from season 1

  • sexual tension // l. gallagher *REWRITING*
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    " my place or yours? " " huh? "