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  • Why can't I say no to her? -Beronica
    1K 22 5

    Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge show slight hints of feelings and help each other with problems they may be facing about Betty's parents and possibly about Veronica's dad and her financial situation. They get close and intimate. It's an eventual relationship publicly. Betty fights with her mom a lot and Veronica is th...

  • Red moons ---Beronica (Riverdale's, Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge)
    8.5K 285 12

    A series themed around Betty's nervous habit of digging her nails into her palms, and Veronica's reactions every time it happens. (Credit to archive of our own)

    Completed   Mature
  • teacher's pet ⇾ beronica
    6.5K 242 5

    It was supposed to be a quick and easy gig. Teacher's Assistant. All Veronica had to do was spend a few months assigning reading and grading reports, and then she could continue her life. She wasn't supposed to get attached, especially not to one of her students. Teacher/Student AU. All characters involved. [ #20 in b...

  • Secret Admirer (Beronica)
    53.2K 2.2K 21

    Betty Cooper is a 16 year old sophomore who is having a tough time around the new girl, Veronica Lodge. Betty is developing feelings for the new girl but what Betty doesn't realize is there's already someone who has eyes for her.

    Completed   Mature
  • Games ( Beronica AU )
    48.4K 2K 26

    What will happen when good girl Betty Cooper meets Riverdale's newest resident Veronica Lodge ?

  • more than friends ✩ beronica
    168K 4.9K 27

    When a girl with raven hair and rich parents moves in to Riverdale, she just can't help but fall for the blonde next door. feb 17 2017 - may 14 2017 (COMPLETE) LOWERCASE INTENDED. © strcnge - 2017