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  • Forbidden Love (Shiki Natsumezaka X Reader)
    24.3K 977 32

    Your a girl who just started the school year at Shiko Academy, you catch the eye of the school treasurer. What'll happen this school year? I do not own Dance with Devils, I made the story and that's all.

  • -Dance with Reader-
    2K 72 4

    Years later after the Grimoire left Ritsuka, and now it's passed to you! You're a college student and even friends with the once Grimoire. You're a foreigner to Japan so you got dragged into a near death incident from not knowing where to be and where not to be. A demon appeared, offering you life in exchange for serv...

  • Dance with Devils Shiki x Reader
    2.4K 163 29

    This is a story of a missing girl who was find several years later in a other country by Shiki Natsumezaka the treasurer of the Shiko academi in Japan, Shiki will take care of this girl and get closer to her but maybe it's the beginning of a new love story...

  • Fallen Angel
    3.9K 105 19

    Sakura Nagashima is a student at Shiko Academy. She is unpopular, alone and slightly sadistic. And for some strange unknown reason, the demons have a strange unknown attraction towards this weird loner. For something even stranger, she doesn't seem to realise she's a fallen angel. For the weirdest thing, Sakura doesn'...

  • Dance With Devils (Various x Reader)
    237K 7.1K 54

    Request go on the first page ! This book is for reader inserts with Dance With Devil characters. I take all requests and do my best to fulfill them. I really love this anime, and so I've taken liberty to write inserts for my fellow DWD fanatics. Rem is mine <3 jk they're all mine xD Thanks minna ^-^

  • An Hour with a devil in Heaven or hell [Dance with Devil love story]
    3.2K 74 20

    Ritsuka has asked the two of us to be part of a small party that is being hosted by Urie; who will you get and will you survive an hour with them?

  • Dance with devils Fanfiction: Angel from hell
    16.2K 610 12

    Happiness It felt like a mile away. But I could see it right there. Out of my reach, If only they didn't hurt me, only if I didn't feel pain. My parents never believe on what I am, my wings of white but my eyes of red, disturbed them so. They talked to the big man upstairs to make me leave. But I couldn't leave; this...

  • Love Me! (Shiki x Reader)
    27K 948 29

    You first met him when you were young. Some time passes and you begin going to Shiko Academy. But ever since then. Crazy things have been happening to you.

  • ♡ Natsumezaka Shiki X Reader | Dark Love ♡
    4K 107 7

    ♥ You are a new student at Shiko Academy. You didn't have any friends, until you met the Treasurer of the Academy, Natsumezaka Shiki. Little did you know you feel in love with him. It was hard because of the FANGIRLS, damn them. Discover more in the story. :3 ♥

  • Do You Trust Me? (Shiki x Reader) +Yandere! +Lemon!
    56K 1.7K 36

    You. Yes you. You're what they call a blood demon. Half demon. Half vampire. Rejected by both breeds of creatures and left in the one world where no one would have to accept the real you; the human world. However, you're not the only creature there. (Parts 1-19) The Devils are there to collect something called the gr...

  • Sena's Devils
    1.6K 15 15

    Sena's parents send her to Shiko Academy. She stays at the house her parents bought for her. Little did she know what she was getting into.

  • feelings
    180 16 4

    a confession... for someone who doesn't even exist... for he who will never know... Also, I just got over him. Now I'm back to my original love of transformers, wonderful. ^^